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rosabella2012 11-03-2014 12:50 AM

Djwayne: Glad you're trying a high protein diet. That's basically what I do when I want to lose weight and when I eat that way, I feel my absolute best. Here's some things I've learned along the weigh (way!):

Egg yolks have wonderful vitamins in them, so I'd reconsider throwing them away. I use EggBeaters which is egg whites with color added 1/3 cup and 1 whole egg, that way I get the protein of the whites, the vitamin/minerals of the yolks and not all the fat. Plus I really like the taste and the combination works well in baking too.
Regardless of how much protein is added to wheat bread, it's still predominately wheat and wheat is too high-carb to fit my plan of eating.
Corn has been so genetically modified lately that the nutrient profile only vaguely resembles the nutritious grain we ate in childhood--mostly sugars and very high in simple carbs--I have yet to find corn on a low carb veggie list. (This info is from a local nutrition specialist.)
Watermelon has some great nutrition, has a lot of water but also a lot of sugar. I did eat some over the summer but I did so very cautiously.
Bananas are known for their potassium but so are dark green leafy veggies and the veggies have a lot less sugar and carbs than the bananas.
Yukon gold potatoes taste great but sweet potatoes with their vibrant orange color have much more Vitamin A, but both are very carby.
Tuna, other fish, chicken breasts and rotisserie chickens are the proteins I tend to eat most often, but I do love any seafood, beef and lean cuts of pork. I also like the pre-made turkey burger patties I find in the frozen section of my store.
I have posted a quick low carb chili recipe in the recipe section that my family loves and it doesn't take all day to cook it!
I love to cook and try new veggies we haven't eaten before or fixing traditional veggies in new ways. I feel that giving me and my family nutritious and tasty food gives us nourishment inside and out!

Happy cooking! Vicki

P.S.: GNC website has a tool that can tell you just how much protein you need for optimum health.

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