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Moon29 04-06-2014 04:38 PM

When dieting, your body's nutritional stores are often depleted or reduced, so supplementing your weight loss program with a daily dose of multivitamins is recommended. Just about any multivitamin will do (including generic) as long as they contain the proper ingredients.

Promotes healthy skin, improved night vision, healthy bones.
Found in: dark green and yellow veggies, yellow fruit, butter, cheese, milk and liver.

Helps body draw energy from food, increases appetite, promotes a healthy nervous system.
Found in: eggs, yeast, potatoes, pork and grains.

Promotes healthy skin, helps body draw energy from food.
Found in: fish, eggs, liver, milk and other dairy products.

sergekay 04-06-2014 04:47 PM

Do not forget about Vitamin C that is also very important for normal function of organism. You can include fruits and vegies like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, ttomatoes, broccoli, green peppers, strawberries and potatoes that contain vintamin C

robertslinda 04-06-2014 04:48 PM

During my last diet i almost ruined my health now i have to recover and gain all the vitamins and essentials i've lost. This is really helpful info. Hope it will help me.

Kathy13118 04-06-2014 04:53 PM

Be careful with Vitamin A,D,E and K. They are stored in body tissue and aren't eliminated (via urination) the way other vitamins are. This means there's a greater risk for getting too much because it takes longer to get rid of the excess.

sergekay 04-06-2014 04:56 PM

dear friend diet is the worst thing you could do to your organism, try to include minerals and vitamins in your daily ration, carbs and proteins are also very important. Find out the exact quantity you need on a daily basis so that you can keep your perfect weight

Moon29 04-06-2014 04:59 PM

Helps blood carry oxygen.
Found in: vegetable oils and wheat germ.

robertslinda 04-06-2014 05:00 PM

thanks a lot for your advice, though i could hardly have them in excess. i wish there was a universal diet plan that will have the same effect on everyone, though i understand that it is impossible as we are all unique.

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