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yagirlndollface 02-18-2014 03:51 PM

The Gabriel Code
So after my first week of Fitday, I got on the scale and was happy to see it was working.
But then you know what I did the next three days? Binge ate. I didn't count any calories. Just ate whatever I wanted.

I found it strange, because I want to lose weight right? Then why do I always sabotage myself when my body is doing it?

It's something in my mind. I thought about it for a few days.
And then an ad popped up on my facebook news feed about The Gabriel Code.

Which isn't a diet, but pretty much this guy who has lost hundreds of pounds, explains that we all have 9 fat triggers that prevent us from losing weight, whether it be psychological or physiological.

He explains that even if one of these fat triggers are triggered, we will store fat in our bodies. Hence the reason some people can eat all they want and still stay skinny.

Now, I know there's alot more to it than what I just said but I'm not really here to promote it. I'm here to see if anyone on FitDay has tried his program and what were your results?

Given my current circumstances, I think it might be fitting for me. I took his test and apparently my primary fat trigger is self limitation. Which sounds reasonable and apparently he has a program on how to overcome it.

Anyone know for sure if it works?

Kathy13118 02-18-2014 04:12 PM

I googled it and it seems to be a 'mind over matter' type approach, with organic foods. Normal weight loss is fewer calories in (diet) and more calories out (exercise), and there's no way around that. If someone tries to sell you something that purports to be different (it will eventually end up being fewer calories and/or more exercise), then there's something strange going on. And possibly costing you money, now or later.

That's not to say that a kind of self-hypnotism can't be very powerful. I think the success of a very low calorie diet I went on years ago was partly due to a 'relaxation' session with a nurse at the beginning of the diet. It sounded a lot like a hypnotism session to me, with positive messages, deep breathing and relaxing in a small room with other dieters.

I have several 'self-hypnotism' CDs that I made from downloading free podcasts on iTunes. It's been difficult for me to have the self-discipline to set aside the time, in a darkened room, with all the concentration you need, and lack of interruptions, to even stick with these 'sessions' for a week! I guess the best weight loss efforts are those that you fit into your lifestyle.

yagirlndollface 02-18-2014 08:44 PM

Thank you for the reply! I did buy his book and some of the things he said about the reasons my body wants to be fat really hit home. Like the fear of losing someone in your life, being equated with famine.
I am however, going to stick with the calorie counting for now. I'm just hoping to bridge the gap between mind and body, instead of treating them as separate. And hopefully it works.

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