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bundysn 01-14-2014 02:31 PM

Keto diet.... Week 1, 4 lb loss... Week 2 nothing! What am I doing wrong?
I have been doing the Keto diet for 2.5 weeks. The first week I lost 4 lbs in 6 days. Then gained a lb and lost .6 now I'm stalled out. Basically losing .2 every few days. I AM in ketosis. I know the metallic taste, the urine smell and I test my urine in the AM before I drink water and it is at the high end of the color spectrum. My macros are 75/20/5. My energy levels are through the roof!! So no complaints there. I feel amazing!! My skin, hair etc looks better but the weight isn't coming off, even though I'm in ketosis.... Can anyone help me with this? I drink massive amounts of water. It's my addiction. At least 200 oz a day.... Always have so that's nothing new. Thanks in advance!
Female 33

Kathy13118 01-14-2014 06:00 PM

Is your doctor advising you about your diet? Being in ketosis, drinking so much water, not losing weight - and continuing with the diet - I would ask your doctor what he or she thinks is going on.

TattooedRN 01-21-2014 07:11 PM

Since you are already at a healthy weight for your height I suspect that's why you are not losing large amounts of weight. With that said, a couple of suggestions...
Are you eating enough fat? It has been shown that higher fat in = higher fat out.
Also remember you can lose inches without losing pounds, this is normal and happens to everyone. Stalls are normal, they are your body's way of shifting gears and figuring out what changes are happening.
Again, 5'8 and 149 lbs is a perfectly healthy weight and I can't see it would be very healthy for you to lose much more. Just keep at it, and if you have weight to lose, it will come off, but the less weight you have to lose the slower it will be...if your in the last 5 lbs to lose, i reiterate, it can take some time for that since your body is more likely to hold onto it. Maybe try an Atkins fat fast if that's your goal?
Good luck! :)

rickerred12 01-23-2014 07:47 PM

try a refeed meal, this will bring leptin back to normal. When you stop producing leptin you stop losing weight. Refeed once per week.
A proper re-feed should consist of 60% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% fat(or there abouts). No more than 10% above your calorie level during the non load days.

For a proper re-feed, focus on high quality carbs sweet potato's, pasta's, breads and so on.

reneeleger 01-27-2014 05:09 PM

After the first week or two, it's common to stagnate or even see a tiny gain after the initial rapid loss. This is really normal. We jokingly call it PISS. Post Induction Stall Syndrome. I have about 30 people on FB who are starting out that I mentor. I lost 210 pounds on Atkins. It happens to almost ALL of them!

teresagarcez 01-28-2014 03:10 PM

Help please!
Hi everyone. I just read about the ketogenic diet and couldn't be more interested.
For the past two weeks I have been on a calorie deficit ( I eat less than 900 calories a day) and workout everyday (for now I'm just doing the Insanity program at home). However, I don't feel or see any differences.
I completely eliminated rice, pasta, bread, potatoes... The carbs I have are from fruit, vegetables, and a small amount of cereals I eat in the morning. Still, I am trying to cut the carbs to lower than 50 g.
I wanted to lose at least 50 lbs and was wondering if the ketogenic diet would help. I have some questions though, if the protein is too low won't I lose muscle?
And isn't eating such a high amount of fat prejudicial? Also I'm not used to eating so much fat so I don't know how to start. Any help would be much appreciated!

Juliet## 02-15-2014 02:13 AM

You are probably drinking a lot of water -- much more than you would usually drink and temporarily your body is probably holding on to more water than usual, making it seem (on the scale) like you are not "losing weight" -- even though your waistline may be getting smaller. You are probably slowly but steadily losing FAT and one day your body will decide to release the excess water it is holding -- and it will look like you suddenly lost 3 or 4 pounds. But in truth, you were losing all along. So don't worry TOO MUCH about the scale weight. Also -- make sure you aren't eating way too much even of the permitted foods - because although you won't gain fat, you may not need to burn any of the stored fat to survive, so that may be why you aren't losing, also. Keep your portions reasonable - even with permitted foods.

NOTE: you SHOULD drink lots and lots of water and I do. I am easing my way into this diet -- i really initially started on Paleo but for the first week i was still eating a banana every day - and some pineapple -- and i bet that slowed me down. Finally I quit the bananas after 1 week and got very very strict, no cheating. I have lost a little on the scale and i think i LOOK thinner, but we'll see -- too soon to really tell.

I measure or weight EVERYTHING before i eat it - just to make sure that i am not cheating.

I usually drink NOTHING but water and I always make sure that I drink my required allotment per day. Occasionally i drink a black coffee (never more than 1 8oz. cup per day -- only once this week) and nearly daily I drink some (1-3 cups per day) of green tea, if i want something hot.

I scrutinize each meal to ensure i don't consume too many calories at any one meal.

I'm trying elements from Paleo/Keto-LCHF/Zone all combined.
Paleo - eat healthy - no processed carbs, no dairy (for right now, maybe butter later)
Keto/LCHF - keep carbs lower than Paleo, eat lots of fat, replacing what you would normally consume in carbs by fat, especially while trying to actively lose weight - and don't eat too much protein at any one meal - split it up into several meals throughout the day, if you must. Once you lose the weight, you can gradually add back more of the healthy carbs (broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, berries, small apple), but don't do this if you are aggressively trying to shed body fat. Wait until you achieve your goal, before you "normalize" your diet.
Zone - don't eat more than 500 calories at any one meal or you will store fat. And for me, i can't lose anything if I exceed more than 1200 calories per day -- or i will just maintain or even gain fat - even on Keto or Paleo!

weightloser1234 02-17-2014 10:41 AM

yes absolutely correct i agree with you kathy.

hippichick 02-18-2014 03:16 PM

I actually am just starting week 3 of a fairly strict low carb diet. I will tell you I saw the same thing... first week: loss of 4 pound, the second week: stayed the same weight for 5 days! Now just starting into my third week, I am back again to losing steadily about a 1lb every two to three days. I think the initial weight loss was a purging of some of the gunk in my system, the second week was my system normalizing back to the very low carb diet, and now, my system is getting with the program. I actually don't have a whole lot to lose, so I do expect this weight loss to slow down, and maybe even plateau again (those dreaded last 5 lbs) before I hit my final weight. Good luck, and stick with it for a bit more!

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