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verdemomma 11-19-2013 08:01 PM

Clean eating... because I don't have another choice!
I spent the last 10-15 years of my life in a depressive state. Yo-yo dieting was all I could handle. But two months ago I discovered that wheat was causing my depression and anxiety (and some other physical issues). I started out this year doing great on a diet, lost 25lbs doing no wheat. Planned a week break to 'reset' my metabolism and to cook a bunch of wheat recipes I had been drooling over. I spiraled into a super nasty depression, despite being on medication that had been previously preventing me from getting that low. Once I got my head back on, months later I realized that I had been doing great until I had reintroduced wheat.

So I've spent the last month or two experimenting with gluten free alternative cooking (not clean eating - wheat substitutes) and I've gained everything back. We already have soy and dairy sensitivities (son) in the house, and now we've got my gluten... not to mention my husband is a vegetarian.

Long story short, I've realized I've got to go back to truly clean eating if I'm going to lose the weight for good. And for the first time, I feel like I could actually keep it off. I feel so great without wheat, it's like I finally understand what it's like to be 'normal.'

I'm on day 3, I'm keeping it really super simple for a few days and I'm going to slowly add things back in. Right now I'm just eating eggs, all fruits and veggies, fish and peanuts. And of course lots and lots of water. The first day was rough, I had to sneak a piece of GF bread and butter in the evening to stop myself from being completely destructive to the diet, but after that my brain and stomach have already reset, and I'm truly enjoying this smoothie, and loving all the water weight (and hopefully maybe a little actual weight!) that has already dropped off of me.

Hoping my husband gets off on time tonight so I can head to the gym, I hate the winter!!!

frenchhen3 11-21-2013 12:08 PM

Isn't it great to have found what works for you? You have your "tools" now, so, as I like to say, get after it! You now know what it takes to keep it off too... There is nothing wrong with clean eating and after it becomes habitual it isn't hard to stay that way! Just a little inconvenient at times!

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