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Custom Foods

100% Hollywood WW thins  
6" roast beef Subway sub   
Beatrice 5% cream  
Becel light (red text)  
Black Diamond cheddar sl  
Boca Burger  
Casa Mendosa ww tortilla 2@6"  
Dempsters Stone Ground Wheat Bread (2sl)  
Dempsters carb wise bread (1 slice)  
Dempsters soy bread 2sl  
Dempsters whole grain bun  
Hard Rock Cafe cole slaw  
Harvey's poutine  
Hersheys special dark chocolate bar (1/2 bar)  
Jiffy jambalaya  
Kashi Go Lean  
Kasseler party rye bread light (4 sl)  
Kraft fat free singles 24sl  
Kraft low fat pudding  
LC s&s chicken  
Lactantia light ultra spreadable cream cheese  
Lays classic potato chips  
Low carb egg muffins  
M&M reg cut ny striploin  
McCain instant mashed tateys  
Orv. Red smart pop low fat  
PC Pad Thai  
PC Thai red curry chicken  
PC multigrain bread (2sl)  
QO cracker jack corn cake  
Quaker 1 min oats  
Ravioli in Spinach-Tomato Sauce  
Red River Cereal (1/4 cup dry)  
Rotisserie chicken breast 1/4 no skin  
Rotisserie chicken leg 1/4 no skin  
Rudolph's 5 grain bread (1 sl)  
Schneiders turkey pepperettes  
Spicy Turkey Burrito  
Subway deli style ham  
Subway deli style roast beef  
Subway deli style savoury turkey breast  
Subway turkey breast 6" ww sub  
TH raisn bran muffin  
Timmys Sausage breakfast sandwich  
Timmys regular small coffee  
Wendy's plain baked potato  
Wendy's small chili  
Westons sesame whole wheat bagel  
Ziggys Light Swiss slice  
Ziggys cooked chicken breast sl  
advantage chocolate mocha crunch protein  
ancient grains bun davis'  
arby reg roast beef  
arbys med roast beef   
arbys mozz sticks (large)  
astkins oroweat tortilla  
atkins wrap subway  
bacon (3sl)  
baked chicken thigh  
baked chicken, healthy fries, salad  
bb whey protein isolate 1580  
beatrice 5% cream 1tbsp  
becel no transfat margarine  
bk croissandwich (egg cheese sausage)  
bk whopper with cheese  
blackberries 1/2 cup  
blue menu multigrain instant oatmeal  
blue menu mushroom barley soup (1/2 can)  
blue menu thai curry(30 chips)  
burnbrae organic 1 lg egg  
butterball turkey franks  
cadbury thin premium dark  
cajun red snapper  
campbells chunky hot&spicy chili  
caramilk bar  
carrot muffin  
cedar pindjur roasted red pep sprd  
cheddar cheeese string  
cheeseburger and french fry casserole  
chicken breast grilled skinless  
chicken saute, broccoli pasta, honeydew  
chickpea burgers (1 patty on a pita)  
chocolate bar  
chunky new england clam chowdah  
clover leaf flaked light tuna dill and lemon  
clover leaf tuna garlic and hot pepper  
clover leaf tuna spicy thai chili  
clover leaf tuna tomato and onion  
clover leaf whole baby clams  
cobb salad  
coffee crisp  
coffee crisp mini bar  
compliments fake crab  
cool whip lite  
costco demi baguette (1/2)  
country harvest everything bagel  
country harvest thins ww nf ns added  
cracker barrel cheese sl  
creole poached chicken breast  
crunch n munch caramel with peanuts  
debrezner sausage  
delisio deluxe pizza(1/6 pizza)  
delissio pepperoni pizza 1/6 pizza  
delmonte diced peaches  
dempsters everything bagel  
dempsters sunflower bread  
dempsters topsliced hd bun  
dempsters ww tortilla  
dq cheeseburger  
dq medium cone  
dq strawberry blizzard (sm)  
duncan hines orange muffin (2)  
egg mcmuffin  
eggs and lunch  
equality chunky clam chowder  
everyday health crispy oven chicken  
fat free french fries (14 p)  
fat free no sugar added fudgesicle  
gold seal flaked light tuna lemon and pepper  
habitant pea soup 250 ml  
harveys original cheeseburger  
healthy choice pasta sauce  
heinz beans 1/2 cup  
herb crusted fish  
high liner haddock fillet  
highliner fish (2 pcs)  
highliner haddock breaded fillets (ea)  
kavli 5 grain crispbread (2sl)  
kellog's all bran buds w Psyllium  
kelloggs all bran bar  
kfc big crunch  
kfc big crunch sandwich  
kfc breast  
kfc chips sm  
kfc cole slaw sm  
kfc drum  
kfc gravy sm  
kfc gril chick rsted gar caes twister   
kfc hot wings (5)  
kfc individual macaroni  
kfc potato sm  
kfc poutine  
kfc thigh  
kfc wing  
kraft balsamic vinaigrette cal wise  
kraft blue cheese dressing  
kraft cole slaw dressing 1 tbsp  
kraft creamy cuke low cal  
kraft dinner (easy mac one puch)  
kraft mozz singles  
kraft singles light  
kraft ultra lf creamy caesar dressing  
laughing cow light (2 pieces)  
lay's bbq potato chips 43g bag  
lay's salt and vinegar chips  
lc chicken parmigiana  
lean cuisine thai peanut chicken  
lean ground beef raw (100 gms)  
low carb ketchup  
m&m cream puffs  
m&m microwaveable chicken pie  
mc cabbage rolls(1)  
mcdonalds fish fillet  
melba lunch pak (2 servings)  
mg grilling chops A&P  
michaelina's spicy thai chicken noodle bowl  
miracle whip ff mayo  
ml bbq size hot dog  
ml canadian bacon (5sl)  
nn light jelly (1/4 packet)  
no name ind dd pizza (1 pie)  
no name mozzarella cheese sticks  
nora's cole slaw  
noras best coleslaw  
np organic flax plus  
nutribar drink 10.5 oz  
oatmeal and lunch  
ocean spray diet cranberry juice  
oceans smoked oysters  
organically yours raw almonds  
orville smartpopcorn 1/2 bag  
p.moisson olive fougasse bread (340 gm loaf)  
pasta kitchen parisienne potatoes (12)  
pc filet mignon  
pc gigantico hot dog bun  
pc phyllo pastry  
pc skls bnls blue menu chick breast  
peameal bacon  
pepperettes (3)  
perogies (5)  
piller's ham slices (2 sl)  
pita break flax pita  
qo instant oats cinnamon (wc)  
quaker bran muffin (whole 900 gm bag)  
renee's light caesar  
renee's light caesar tbsp  
roasted fish with asparagus  
rosenburg blue danish cheese (30 gms)  
salad to go  
salmon clover leaf sockeye (1/2 can)  
schneider's turkey pepperette (1)  
shasha spelt ginger snaps (15)  
silhouette yogurt  
smart ones Spicy Szechuan Style Veg. & Chicken  
source yogurt  
soy cheese sl  
spicy pork stir fry  
spoon size shredded wheat and bran (2/3 c)  
subway 6" rb on ww no cheese)  
sunrise lite and lean ham  
susan's coleslaw  
thai chick&shrimp steamer  
thousand islands dressing 1 tbsp  
tim horton cruller  
timmy breakfast sammy  
timmy's sour cream donut  
transocean kingcrab sticks (3)  
tribe hummus (2tbsp)  
villaggio ham bun  
villagio italian style  
wasa multi grain (2 sl)  
wendy's chicken grill  
whole bbq chicken from davis'  
whole wheat pasta 85g dry  
wonder plain english muffin  
wonder ww english muffin  
ww chicken mcgrill  
ww smart ones slow roasted turkey breast  
ww's smart ones ww buns  
ziggy's xtra lean ham slices (s)