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Custom Foods

Apple Sauce No Sugar Added (1/2 cup)  
Bacon wrapped beef fillet  
Beans, Great Northern, 1/2 cup  
Biscuit Pillsbury Buttermilk  
Breakfast Pancakes  
Breyers Mocha Silk ice cream  
Broccoli pancake  
Bush's Navy beans, 1/2 cup  
Caramel Caribo Ice Cream (light)  
Cheddar/Jack Cheese (1/3 cup)  
Chicken Biskit Crackers (12)  
Chicken breast canned (2 oz)  
Chicken curry with bamboo and corn (2 cups)  
Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (Light)  
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel  
Corn, canned 1/2 cup  
Costco frozen yogurt, vanilla, 12 oz  
Cup A Soup Spicy Thai Chicken  
Dove Chocolate Egg  
Mandarin Oranges (1 can)  
Margarine Light 1 tbs  
Mesa Manna, 1 medium roll  
Mixed berries, 1 cup  
New Stew - beans, spin, corn, barley, squash (1 cup)  
Nutella, 1 tbs  
Panda sauce  
Panera Asiago Cheese bagel  
Panera breakfast sandwich, egg & cheese  
Parmesan Cheese, shredded 1/4 cup  
Phad Thai meal, ginger chicken w/ rice  
Picante sauce, medium, 2 tbs  
Potatoes, instant mashed, Yukon Gold, 1/2 cup  
Pretzels (Costco) 18  
Red Baron 4-Meat Pizza  
Red Baron Cheese Pizza  
Refried beans, no fat 1/2 cup  
Rice, calrose (1 cup)  
Ritter Sport Mini (1 bar)  
Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers (5)  
Roast beast, 1 oz  
Sausage, Jimmy Dean light 2 oz  
Snapple, homemade, 16 oz, made from 1/8 concentrate  
Soup, spicy Thai, 1 envelope  
Spaghetti Sauce, Classico Tomato & Basil 1/2 cup  
Spaghetti Sauce, Hunts 4 Cheese 1/2 cup  
String Cheese 1 oz  
Sucanat 1 tsp  
Sweet Baby Rays Bbq sauce (2 tbs)  
Swope Bread  
Tomato stew w/barley, lentils and corn 1 cup  
Tomato, corn, rice, bean, spinach stew (1 cup)  
Tomatoes, canned 1/2 cup  
Tortilla Mission 10 inch Burrito  
Turbinado 1 tsp  
Turkey/ham deli Hillshire Farms (5 slices)  
Unspecified snack, 100 calories  
V8 5.5 oz  
Wheat thins, reduced fat (16 crackers)  
Yoplait light blueberry  
bagel, mini  
barley, 1 cup dry  
barley, pearled, raw, 1 cup  
biscuit, buttermilk  
black beans, 1 can  
broccoli pancake (half)  
cheese, fake, 1/3 cup  
chicken curry, Dec 22 batch, 1 cup  
chicken lunch meat, 6 slices  
chicken nugget, foster farms, 4 nuggets  
coconut milk, Trader Joes, light, 1 can  
cool whip, lite  
corn, whole kernel, 1 can  
crackers, wheat fats, reduced fat, 16 crackers  
egg nog, lite, 1/2 cup  
ham, smoked, Buddig, 6 slices  
ice cream, Albertsons Light, 1 cup  
mashed potatoes, from box, 1 cup  
noodles, rice (1 cup)  
panini with mozzarella and tomato  
pizza, Kathy's, 3x3" slice  
pumpkin pie cake, low-fat  
sauce, tomato, 1/2 cup  
sausage, chicken & apple, Aidells (1 link)  
soup base, chicken  
stew, December 13 batch, 1 cup  
stew, tomatoes with barley, 1 cup  
tomato barley stew, 1 cup (Dec 1)  
tomato barley stew, Jan 3 batch  
tomatoes, 6 lb can  
tortilla, flatout  
tortilla, low-carb  
turkey, ground, Jennie-O, lean, 1 oz, cooked  
white kidney beans, 1 can