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Custom Foods

ATK Apple Crisp Bar  
ATK-BAR Smores  
ATK-Berry Granola  
ATK-Cereal Blueberry Bounty  
ATK-Crispy Chocolate  
ATK-Honey Mustard Dressing  
ATK-Steak Sauce  
ATKNS-Pancake Syrup  
Alfredo sauce  
Atkins Bar  
Atkins Multi-Vitamins  
Atkins Shake  
Atkins-CP Ice cream  
Atkins-Carmel Nut Chew  
Atkins-Morning Start  
Atkins-Peanut Butter Bar  
Atkns PB IC Bars  
BB Butter PEcan Ice Cream  
BB Mint Chocolate Chip  
BB-Almond Bars  
BK Bunless Whopper  
Beef, sliced, prepackaged or deli, luncheon meat  
Bene Italian Sausage w/Imported Cheese  
Benetino's Haberno Sausage  
Benetinos Italina Sausage  
Benetinos Mozz & Artichoke  
Benetinos Pepper Sausage  
Bqacon-Pork Rinds  
CB-White Cheddar  
CO- Ranch Dressing  
CO- Skippy  
CS- Choc. CHip Cookie Bar  
CW- Praline Mocha  
Cajun Injected Turkey  
Calcium Complete  
Canned Chicken  
Carboulous Cheesecake  
Cottage Cheese- Fat Free GV  
Dannon Carb Yogurt  
Deli Select-Roast Beef (Hillshire Farm)  
Dill Pickle Siced Spear  
Edge Beef Snacks  
Egg Beaters  
Godiva Chocolates  
Ground beef, lean, cooked  
HF- Summer Sausage  
Hardees LC Burger  
Hazel Ham  
Heluva Good Dip  
Hershey 1carb Bar  
Hot Crab Dip  
Hot Sausage - Leidys/Dutchway  
Italian Sausage--Premo  
JD Pork Sausage Links  
JL Peppered Jerky  
Kraft Carb Well Ranch  
Kraft Mayo  
Kunzler Bacon  
Kutztown Ring Bologna  
LCC Choc. Chip Cookie  
LeCarb Lemon Frozen Desert  
Lebanon Balogna  
McD Grilled Chicken Salad- no Tom. no Carrots  
Meatloaf w/ham & cheese  
Momentum-Choc PB Bar  
Multi Vitamin +calcium (new)  
Multi-Vitamin plus  
Myoplex Deluxe Shake  
Myoplex- CS Chocolate  
Nestle Crunch  
Pemmican Jerky  
Pork rind _Rudoplph  
Potassium Pill  
Quiche Christine  
RS-PEcan Delights  
Reeses swoops  
Russel S-Truffle Cups  
SBWAY-Chicken Spinach Salad w/dressing  
SBWY-Chick & Spinach n/dressing  
Sausage Pork Links Bob Evans  
Skinny Carb - CP Bar  
Spinach Dip  
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce  
TH-Green Tea  
TH-Peanutbutter Paradise Ice Cream  
TURKEY- Oscar Mayer  
Teriyaki Chicken Sauce(just sauce)  
Tuna, canned, Weis water pack  
Tuna, white, canned in water  
Tyson-Hmestyle Meatballs  
carb Countdown Yougurt  
carb count-choc w/cream  
cocktail smokies  
kunzler-hot dog  
sweet balogna