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Custom Foods

93% Lean Ground Beef  
A1 Thick & Hearty  
A1-sauce-1 TBSP  
ACT II Buttery Kettle Corn-whole bag  
ALLEN'S-canned beans-Tiny Tender Field Peas with Snaps  
ANN'S HOUSE-Almond Granola Energy Blend-28 grams  
APPLEBEE'S-meals-Cajun Lime Tilapia  
APPLEBEE'S-soups-French Onion  
ARBY'S-fast food-Classic Roast Beef Sandwich  
ARBY'S-fast food-Curly Fries-medium  
ARBY'S-fast food-Curly Fries-small  
ARBY'S-fast food-Medium Roast Beef Sandwich  
ARBY'S-frozen potatoes-Curly Fries  
ARMOR-frozen food-Italian Style Meatballs-85 grams  
ARNOLD-bread-Sandwich Thins Multigrain-1 bun  
ATHENO'S-cheese-Garlic Herb Feta Crumble 1/4 cup  
ATKINS-Cookies & Creme Shake-1 chake  
ATKINS-frozen meal-Crustless Chicken Pot Pie  
ATKINS-meal-Mexican Style Chicken & Vegetables  
ATKINS-snack-Day Break Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar-1 bar  
Apple-Honeycrisp-1 medium size  
BALL PARK-bread-Hot Dog Bun  
BARILLA-pasta-whole grain spaghetti-2 oz  
BBQ CHICKEN-homemade-crockpot 02/07/18  
BEAR NAKED-Maple Pecan Granola-1/4 cup (30 grams)  
BERTOLLI-sauce-Olive Oil & Garlic  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetable-Brown & Wild Rice w/ Corn, Carrots & Peas-177 grams  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetable-Super Sweet Corn-90 grams  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetables-Potatoes Lightly Sauced in Garlic Butter-146 gram serving size  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetables-SteamFresh Gold & White Corn-2/3 cup serving size-4 servings per bag  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetables-SteamFresh Green Beans-2/3 cup serving size-4 servings per bag  
BIRDSEYE-frozen vegetables-Sweet Peas-whole bag-servings per bag 4  
BIRDSEYE-vegetables-Steam Fresh Whole Grain Brown Rice-136 grams  
BIRDSEYE-vegetables-Steamfresh Italian Blend  
BLUE MOON-beverage-alcoholic-16 oz  
BLUE RIBBON-ice cream-Fudge Bar  
BOB'S RED MILL-Whole Ground FlaxSeed Meal-serving size 13 grams  
BOBOLI-breads-Whole Wheat Pizza Crust-10 oz  
BOJANGLES-fast food-Bo Rounds, small  
BOJANGLES-fast food-steak biscuit  
BOJANGLES-vegetables-Mashed Potatoes-large  
BORDEN-dairy-cheese-Mozzarella String Cheese-1 stick  
BREAKSTONE'S-Cottage Cheese Single Serve 4% milk fat  
BREAKSTONE'S-Cottage Doubles Strawberry-1 container  
BREAKSTONE'S-cheese-Lowfat Cottage Cheese-119 grams  
BREAKSTONE'S-cheese-Lowfat Cottage Cheese-single serve  
BREAKSTONE'S-cheese-fat free cottage  
BREAKSTONE'S-dairy-Cottage Cheese Doubles Pineapple  
BREAKSTONE-Smooth & Creamy Cottage Cheese 4% Milkfat Single Serve  
BREAKSTONE-dairy-4% Cottage Cheese  
BREYER'S-1/2 the Fat Vanilla Bean  
BRIDGFORD-Beef Jerky-Original-1 oz  
BUD LIGHT-alcoholic beverage-12 oz serving size  
BUMBLE BEE-Chicken Salad Lunch Kit  
BUMBLE BEE-Crackers  
BUMBLE BEE-Premium Albacore No Drain Tuna in water-2.5 oz  
BUMBLE BEE-canned meat-Chunk White Albacore Tuna  
BUSH'S BAKED BEANS-side dish-Homestyle Flavor  
BUTTERBALL-Sweet Italian Sausage (1 link)  
BUTTERBALL-deli meat-Honey Roasted Turkey Breast  
BUTTERBALL-meat-Turkey Bacon-serving size 2 slices (11 grams)  
BUTTERBALL-meats-poultry-ground white meat-serving size 4 oz  
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts-2  
Baked Spaghetti 06/13/12  
Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing-2 TBSP  
Bear Naked Original Cinnamon Granola  
Bistro Bowl Chef Salad  
Bread, white  
Brown Gravy  
Buffalo Chicken Dip-1 serving  
C&B Cocktail Sauce-70 grams  
C&B Cocktail Sauce-90 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom Soup-serving size 120 grams-one can=305 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Chicken & Corn Chowder-533 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Chunky Potato & Steak-240 ml  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Chunky Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables-533 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Chunky Steak & Potato  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Homestyle Chicken Noodle  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Salisbury Steak with mushrooms & onions-1 can  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest Caramelized French Onion-533 g  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest Chicken with Egg Noodles-527 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest Creamy Potato with Roasted Garlic-533 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest Light Minestrone w/ Whole Grain Pasta-527 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla-527 grams  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Select Harvest-Italian Style Wedding-240 ml  
CAMPBELL'S-soup-Sirloin Burger with country vegetables  
CAMPBELL'S-soups-Chunky Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits-1 can  
CARL BUDDIG-lunch meat-Deli Cuts Baked Honey Ham-56 grams  
CARNATION-dairy-Lowfat 2% Evaporated Milk-serving size 2 TBSP, 30 ml  
CHEEZ IT-Cheddar Jack  
CHEEZIT'S-snacks-Hot & Spicy-30 grams  
CHEF BISTRO-Turkey & Bacon Cobb Salad  
CHI CHI'S-bread-Flour Tortilla, Soft Taco Size-1 tortilla  
CHICK FIL A--Crispy Tomatoes and Red Peppers  
CHICK FIL A--side salad  
CHICK FIL A-fast food-12 piece grilled nuggets, small fries, 1 each mayo ketchup honey BBQ  
CHICK-FIL-A-fast food-Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich  
CHICK-FIL-A-fast food-Sweet Tea, medium  
CHICK-FIL-A-fast food-Waffle Fries, small  
CHICKEN AND RICE-homemade-02/14/18-6 servings  
CHICKEN BREAST-boneless skinless-grilled  
CHICKEN BURRITO CASSEROLE-homemade 08/07/18-serves 6  
CHILI BEANS-homenade 01/31/18  
CHOBANI-dairy-yogurt-Flip Salted Caramel Crunch  
CLEAR VALUE-frozen food-Sausage Pizza  
CLEAR VALUE-frozen pizza-Hamburger-1 pizza  
CLOVER VALLEY-Golden Snack Crackers  
CLOVER VALLEY-Nacho Cheese & Bread Sticks  
COBBLESTONE-bread-Sesame Twist Hamburger Roll  
COCA COLA-soft drink-Classic Coke  
CORONA'S-mexican restaurant-Chicken Taco Salad no guac no sour  
COUNTRY CROCK-butter substitute -1 tbsp  
CRYSTAL FARM'S-cheese-2% Shredded Cheddar-1/4 cup  
Canned Kidney Beans-vegetables-15.5 oz can  
Canned Tomatoes-vegetables-whole-15 oz can  
Caribbean Grilled Chicken-3 oz  
Carrots-vegetables-matchstick-3 oz  
Cheeto's Puffs 7/8 oz  
Chef Bistro Caesar Salad  
Chicken Alfredo Pizza 03/14/12  
Chicken Enchilada mix and sauce   
Chicken Pot Pie-1870 grams  
Chicken Salad 06/27/12  
Chicken Salad 6/27/12  
Chicken Tetrazzini 01/18/12-1714 grams  
Chicken-Buffalo Wings-Bonless-Mild Sauce  
Chicken-meats-poultry-serving size 4 oz   
Chicken-poultry-breast tenderloins-baked  
Chili Ready Tomatoes-1 can  
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies-1 cookie  
Cinnamon Pecan Muffins-1 muffin  
Cornbread Dressing--Serves 6  
Cornbread Homemade--1 pan  
Crackers, saltine  
Creamed Corn-homemade  
DEL MONTE-Sliced Carrots-123 g  
DEL MONTE-Sweet Corn Cream Style-125 g  
DEL MONTE-Sweet Peas-125 g  
DEL MONTE-canned tomatoes-Chili Style Diced  
DEL MONTE-canned vegetables-French Style Green Beans NSA-serving size 121 grams  
DEL MONTE-vegetables, canned-Diced Chili Ready Tomatoes-1/2 Cup  
DIET MOUNTAIN DEW-beverages, carbonated-8 oz  
DIGIORNO-frozen pizza-4 Cheese Thin Crust  
DIPPIN' STIX-Carrots & Ranch  
DIPPIN' STIX-Sliced Apples & Yogurt Fruit Dip  
DOLE-Fruit Crisp-Apple Cinnamon-1 bowl  
DOLE-salad kit-Creamy Balsamic  
DOLE-salad mix-Country Ranch-1/4 bag  
DOLE-salad mix-Greek-1.5 cup serving  
DOLE-salad mix-Spring Mix  
DORITOS-snacks-Nacho Cheese $1.09 bag  
DORITOS-snacks-Taco Flavor-28 grams  
DR PEPPER-soft drink-cherry flavor  
DR. PEPPER-per oz  
DUKE'S-mayonnaise/oils-Light Mayo-1 TBSP  
Deli Sandwich Wrap Whole Wheat  
Deli Seafood Salad  
Deli Wrap  
Diced Pimentos-nutrition shows 1 oz  
Dominos Pepperoni & Onion--1 slice  
Dr Pepper  
EDY'S-frozen snack-Fruit Bars-Strawberry, Tangerine, Raspberry-1 bar  
EMERALD-nuts-100 Calorie Packs Walnuts & Almonds-1 pack  
ENLIGHTENED-frozen snack-Sea Salt Caramel Bar  
Egg Salad 02/16/12  
Egg-dairy-large-Hard boiled  
Egg-dairy-white only-hard boiled  
FAST FIXIN'-frozen meat-Chicken Breast Patties-71 grams  
FATZ-breads-Poppyseed Roll-1  
FATZ-butter-Cinnamon Butter-1 oz  
FATZ-main dishes-Aloha Chicken  
FATZ-restaurant-Cheese Fries (one serving is 1/4 of plate)  
FATZ-restaurant-Fat Free Italian Dressing-1 oz  
FATZ-restaurant-French Fries  
FATZ-restaurant-Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich, no avocado no tomato  
FATZ-restaurant-Lite Aloha Chicken w/ rice and side veggie salad  
FATZ-restaurant-Lite Grilled Chicken Salad  
FATZ-restaurant-Lite Grilled Chicken Salad, no cheese etc  
FATZ-restaurant-Lite Key West Basa  
FATZ-restaurant-Lite Shrimp & Veggie Harpoons (entire plate minus 1 veggie harpoon)  
FATZ-restaurant-Side Salad  
FATZ-restaurant-side dish-Rice Pilaf  
FATZ-salad-House Salad  
FATZ-salads-veggie salad  
FETTUCINI ALFREDO-homemade-02/08/18  
FIBER ONE-snacks-Oats & Chocolate Bar-1 bar  
FIREHOUSE SUBS-restaurant-Engenieer Medium on Wheat  
FLORIDA'S NATURAL-juice-orange-10.1 fl oz  
FRANK'S-sauces/gravy-Red Hot Sauce-1 oz  
FRESH EXPRESS-salad mix-Iceberg Garden-2 cup serving size (85g)  
FRESH EXPRESS-salad mix-Italian Mix-85 grams  
FRESH GORMET-Crouton Packet  
FRITO LAY-salty snacks-Baked Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream   
FUJI-restaurant-Hibachi Chicken  
FUJI-restaurant-shrimp sauce  
FUNYUNS-by grams  
FUZE-beverage-Slenderize Tropical Punch-1 bottle  
FUZE-new age beverage-Blueberry Raspberry-1 bottle  
FUZE-new age beverage-Cranberry Raspberry-1 bottle  
GREAT VALUE-Sweet Potato Fries-84 grams  
GREAT VALUE-bread-Breadcrumbs Plain-108 grams  
GREAT VALUE-bread-Brown & Serve Rolls-1 roll (28 grams)  
GREAT VALUE-bread-Garlic Bread-1 slice  
GREAT VALUE-canned meat-Alaskan Pink Salmon-serving size 63 grams  
GREAT VALUE-dairy-cheese-Finely Shredded Cheddar-28 grams  
GREAT VALUE-dairy-cheese-Part Skim Mozzarella-by gram  
GREAT VALUE-dairy-cheese-Pepper Jack-1 slice  
GREAT VALUE-dairy-cheese-Triple Cheddar Shredded  
GREAT VALUE-frozen veggies-Seasoned French Fries (baked-84 grams)  
GREAT VALUE-juice-Grape Juice Light-8 oz  
GREAT VALUE-meat-Tuna-Solid White Albacore-1 can  
GREAT VALUE-salad dressing-Fat Free Italian-2 TBSP (1 oz)  
GREAT VALUE-side dish-4 Cheese Mashed Potatoes-1 serving is 1/4 of package  
GREAT VALUE-snacks-100 Calorie Fudge Covered Pretzels  
GREAT VALUE-snacks-Beef Jerky Teriyaki-1 oz  
GREAT VALUE-sweets-Toaster Pastry Strawberry-1 pastry  
GREAT VALUE-vegetables-Whole New Potatoes-165 grams  
GREEN GIANT-Cream Style Corn-118 gram serving size  
GREEN GIANT-frozen vegetables-Garden Vegetable Medley-99 grams  
GREEN GIANT-vegetables/frozen-Corn in Butter Sauce-112 grams  
Goolash w/ turkey  
Greek Dressing-2 TBSP  
Green Bell Pepper-vegetable-raw  
Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pizza-homemade-yields 8 slices  
Ground Sirloin  
Ground Turkey-20 oz  
HAMBURGER HELPER -Potato Stroganoff  
HARDEE'S-fast food-Butter Biscuit  
HARDEE'S-fast food-Sausage & Egg Biscut  
HARDEE'S-fast food-Sausage Patty  
HARVESTLAND-meat-poultry-Lean Ground Turkey-4 oz  
HEALTHY CHOICE-frozen meal-Country Herb Chicken  
HEALTHY CHOICE-frozen meal-Herb Crusted Fish  
HEALTHY CHOICE-frozen meal-Jamaican Jerk Chicken  
HEALTHY CHOICE-prepared meal-Fresh Mixers Steak Portobello  
HEALTHY CHOICE-soup-Chicken Noodle-397 grams  
HEALTHY CHOICE-soup-Chicken with Rice  
HEALTHY CHOICE-soups-Mediterreanian Style Chicken with Orzo-microwaveable bowl-14 oz bowl  
HEARTLAND-cereal-Original Granola-1/2 cup (56 grams)  
HEINZ-sauce-57 sauce (17 grams)  
HELLMAN-salad dressing-Fat Free Italian-1 packet  
HELLMANN'S Light Ranch Dressing-1 packet  
HELLMANN'S-salad dressing-Light Ranch-1 packet (1.5 oz, 43 g)  
HERITAGE SELECT-Basmati Rice-Roasted Chicken & Herbs with Orzo Pasta-serving size 45 gram  
HERSHEY'S-Special Dark Miniatures-1 bar  
HERSHEY'S-candy-Dark Chocolate Nuggets-4 piece serving size  
HERSHEY'S-candy-Milk Chocolate Bar  
HERSHEY'S-snacks-Kisses with Almonds-serving size 9 pieces  
HIDDEN VALLEY-salad dressing-ranch-fat free-2 tbsp  
HILLSHIRE FARM-lunchean meat-Oven Roasted Turkey Breast-56 grams  
HILLSHIRE FARM-luncheon meat-Honey Ham-56 grams  
HILLSHIRE FARM-meat-Turkey Smoked Sausage-serving size 2 oz  
HILLSHIRE FARMS-meat-Turkey Smoked Sausage-2 oz  
HILLSHIRE FARMS-sausage-Cheddar Wurst-1 link  
HODGSON MILL-pasta-Whole Wheat Whole Grain Lasagna Noodles-2 oz serving size  
HOME RUN INN-frozen pizza-Deluxe Ultra Thin  
HORMEL-packaged meal-Compleats Beef Steak & Peppers  
HOSTESS-snacks-cakes/breads-cinnamon roll  
Hershey's Simply Pleasures-Chocolate with Chocolate Creme  
ICEE-Coca Cola Flavor  
IMPERIAL-margarine-1 TBSP (14 grams)  
JACK LINK'S-snacks-Beef Jerky-serving size 1 oz  
JAMBA-smoothies-Mango~a~go~go (Mango Pineapple)-113 grams (nutrition for prepared)  
JAMBA-smooties-Razzmatazz (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry)-113 grams (nutrition for prepared)  
JELLO-SF Lime Gelatin-1 cup  
JELLO-snack-Chocolate Pudding Cup-1 cup  
JIMMY DEAN DELIGHTS-frozen breakfast sandwich-English Muffin, Turkey Sausage, Egg White, & Cheese  
JIMMY DEAN-Regular Breakfast Sausage  
JOHNSONVILLE-Better Cheddar-1 link  
JOHNSONVILLE-meats-Flame Grilled Sea Salt & Pepper Chicken Breast  
JOHNSONVILLE-meats-Original Bratwurst-1 link serving size  
JOHNSONVILLE-sausage-New Orleans Andouille-1 link  
JOSEHPH'S-bread-Heart Friendly Pita Bread-1 loaf  
KASHI-TLC Roasted Almond Crunch Granola Bars-1 pack  
KASHI-granola bar-Honey Almond Flax-1 package  
KEEBLER-Flatbread Crisps-Roasted Garlic-8 crackers  
KEEBLER-Grasshopper Cookies-4 cookies equals 1 serving  
KEEBLER-snacks-Right Bites Fudge Dipped Pretzels  
KEN'S-salad dressing-Lite Northern Italian  
KIND-granola-Maple Quinoa clusters  
KIT KAT MINI-5 pieces   
KNORR-sauces/gravy-Alfredo mix  
KRAFT-Light Zesty Italian Dressing-2TBSP  
KRAFT-cheese-2% Sharp Cheddar, Shredded-28 grams  
KRAFT-cheese-Extra Thin Swiss-1 slice  
KRAFT-cheese-Fat Free Shredded Cheddar-1/4 cup serving size (28g)  
KRAFT-dairy-cheese-Fat Free Mozzarella Cheese-1 bag  
KRAFT-dairy-cheese-Simply Ricotta Reduced Fat-by gram  
KRAFT-salad dressing- raspberry vinegrette-2 tbsp  
KRAFT-salad dressing-Creamy Italian  
KRAFT-salad dressing-Thousand Island  
KRAFT-salad dressings-Fat Free Zesty Italian-2 TBSP  
KRAFT-shredded cheese-Mexican 4 Cheese  
KRAFT-side dish-Macaroni & Cheese  
KRISPY KREME-Glazed Donut  
Kashi Crunchy Granola and Seed Choc Chip Chia Bar  
Kashi granola bar  
Krystal's Chicken Chili-serves 8  
LA BANDERITA-tortilla-Low Carb Soft Taco Tortilla  
LA PREFERIDA-side dish-Refried Beans  
LANCE-Nip Chee Crackers-4 pack  
LANCE-crackers-Toast Chee-1 package (6 crackers)  
LANCE-crackers-Toast Chee-6 crackers  
LAND O' FROST-meat-Honey Ham-50 grams  
LAND O' LAKES-cheese-Reduced Fat Co-Jack-1 portion  
LAUGHING COW-dairy-Mini BabyBel Light Cheese-1 piece  
LAUGHING COW-dairy-cheese-Garlic & Herb Light Cheese Wedges-1 Wedge  
LAURA LYNN-bread-Soft Taco Shell  
LAY'S-Plain Potato Chips  
LAY'S-chips-Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Cheddar-single serve bag  
LAY'S-chips-Light Ruffles-28 grams  
LAY'S-salty snacks-Baked Cheetos-28 grams  
LAY'S-salty snacks-Baked Ruffles, Sour Cheddar & Sour Cream-28 grams  
LAY'S-snacks-Baked Doritos  
LAY'S-snacks-salty-Light Potato Chips-Regular Flavor-1 oz  
LAY'S-snacks-salty-baked potato chips-regular  
LAYS-Baked BBQ Chips  
LEAN CUISINE-BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza-Wood Fire Style  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-BBQ Chicken Quesadilla  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Chicken Parmigana  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Culinary Collection-Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Market Collection Chicken Fettuccini-12 oz meal  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza-1 pizza  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Salisbury Steak with Macaroni & Cheese-1 box  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans-1 box  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Southwest Style Chicken Panini  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Steak Tips Portabello  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Steak, Cheddar, & Mushroom Panini  
LEAN CUISINE-frozen meal-Swedish Meatballs-1box  
LIGHT N' LIVELY-cheese-Lowfat Cottage-1/2 cup serving size (124g)  
LOUIS KEMP-Crab Snack-half pack  
LUCKS-vegetables-Blackeye Peas-serving size 131 grams  
MAC & CHEESE-made in pressure cooker-makes 12 servings  
MAPLE GROVE FARMS-salad dressing-Fat Free Greek-2 TBSP (1 oz)  
MARGARET HOLMES-Purple Hull Peas  
MARIE CALLENDER'S-frozen meal-Beef Pepper Steak Steamer  
MARIE CALLENDER'S-frozen meal-Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing-1 meal  
MARIO BATALI-pasta sauce-Tomato Basil  
MARTHA WHITE-Low Fat Blueberry Muffin mix-1 muffin  
MAYFIELD-ice cream-Creamier Churn Moose Tracks-60 grams  
MCCAIN-frozen foods-Classic Cut French Fries-85 grams  
MCCORMICK--Bac'n Pieces  
MCCORMICK-Bac'n Pieces  
MCCORMICK-Mild Chili Seasoning-1 package  
MCCORMICK-Salad Toppings  
MCCORMICK-Salad Toppins-Original-7 g  
MERITA-breads-Lite Hamburger Bun-serving size 1 bun  
MICHELLINA'S-frozen meal-Buffalo Style Chicken Snackers-1 box  
MILLER LITE-beverage-Beer-12 oz bottle  
MINUTE MAID-juice-Cranberry Grape  
MISSION-breads-Burrito Wrap  
MISSION-tortilla-Carb Balance Whole Wheat Burrito-1 tortilla  
MISSION-tortilla-Small Flour Fajita-1 tortilla  
MOLSON CANADIAN-beverage-Beer-12 oz bottle  
MT OLIVE--Hamburger Chips  
MT OLIVE-pickles-Bread & Butter Chips  
MUELLER'S-pasta-Angel Hair-serving size 2 oz-1 box=13.25 oz  
MUELLER'S-pasta-Whole Grain Spaghetti-1 box  
MUIR GLEN-pasta sauce-Organic Tomato Basil-serving size 0.5 cup  
MUUNA-dairy-Lowfat Plain Cottage Cheese  
MY ESSENTIALS (Food Lion)--Mild Shredded Cheddar  
Macaroni & Cheese-homemade-baked with egg and milk-serving size 1 cup  
Mashed Potatoes-01/25/12  
McDonald's-restaurant-Cheeseburger Happy Meal  
McDonald's-restaurant-Small French Fries  
NABISCO-crackers-Better Cheddar-18 crackers yields 1 serving  
NABISCO-snacks-100 Calorie Fudge Covered Pretzels  
NABISCO-snacks-100 Calorie Sweet & Salty Mix  
NABISCO-snacks-Oreo Cookies-6 cookie serving size  
NATHAN'S-Bun Length Hot Dogs  
NATURE VALLEY-granola bar-Cinnamon-2 bars  
NATURE VALLEY-granola bar-Oats 'N Honey-2 bars  
NATURE VALLEY-granola bar-Peanut Butter-2 bars  
NATURE VALLEY-granola bars-Pecan Crunch-1 package (2 bars)  
NATURE VALLEY-granola-Honey and Oats  
NATURE VALLEY-snacks-Granola Thins Dark Chocolate-1 package  
NATURE'S OWN-Butter Hamburger Bun-1 bun  
NATURE'S OWN-Whitewheat Bread--2 slices  
NATURE'S OWN-bread-100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins-1 bun  
NATURE'S OWN-bread-Life Honey Wheat (45 g yields 2 slices)  
NATURE'S OWN-breads-9 Grain Bread-2 slices  
NESTLE-snacks-Vanilla Drumstick  
Nesquick Chocolate Milk  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Bourbon Glazed Salmon  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Light Ranch Dressing  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Mashed Sweet Potatoes  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Overloaded Potato Skins  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Rice Pilaf  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Side House Salad, no dressing  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Sirloin Steak 6 oz  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-Spicy Queso Wedges  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-appetizer-Overloaded Potato Skins  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-appetizer-Spicy Queso Wedges  
O'CHARLEY'S-restaurant-appetizer-Yeast Roll  
OIKOS-dairy-Plain Greek Yogurt-serving size 1 cup  
OLD EL PASO-Crunchy Taco Shell  
OLD EL PASO-sauces-Taco Sauce-1 TBSP (15 grams)  
OLD EL PASO-seasoning-Taco Seasoning Low Sodium  
OLD EL PASO-side dish-Spanish Rice  
OLIVE GARDEN-Breadstick  
OLIVE GARDEN-Minestrone Soup  
OLIVE GARDEN-Pasta e Figioli Soup  
OLIVE GARDEN-restaurant-Chicken Scampi Dinner Portion  
OLIVE GARDEN-restaurant-Garden Fresh Salad w/ dressing   
OLIVE GARDEN-restaurant-Venetian Apricot Chicken  
OLIVE GARDEN-restaurant-Zuppa Toscana  
OPADIPITY-Greek Yogurt Dip-Cucumber Dill  
ORE IDA-frozen potatoes-Sweet Potato Fries-84 grams  
ORTEGA-sauce-Taco Sauce Medium  
ORVILLE REDENBACHER-snacks-salty-SmartPop-Butter flavor-1/2 bag  
OSCAR MAYER-meat-Microwave Bacon-1 piece (4 grams)  
OSCAR MAYER-meats-Bun Length Beef Hotdog  
OSCAR MAYER-sandwich meat-DeliFresh Oven Roasted Turkey  
OUTBACK-Cheese Fries-Small Order  
OUTBACK-Sweet Potato with honey butter   
OUTBACK-poultry-Chicken on the Barbie Light Style  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Aussie Fries (french fries)  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Baked Potato-Plain  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Carrot Cake  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Grilled Chicken w/ Sweet Potato Fries  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Grilled Tilapia  
OUTBACK-restaurant-House Salad w/ Tangy Tomato dressing  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Outback Special-6 oz  
OUTBACK-restaurant-Under 500 Calorie Sirloin w/ Broccoli no butter and Tangy Tomato Salad no croutons  
OUTBACK-restaurant-entree-Norweigien Salmon-7oz  
OUTBACK-salads-House Side Salad w/ Tangy Tomato Dressing  
Ole Xtreme Wellness Whole Wheat Tortilla-1 tortilla  
Onion, Red-vegetables-raw  
Onion, White-vegetables-raw  
Orange Crush-beverages  
Oranges-Navel-medium sized  
Oreo Balls-1  
Oscar Mayer Sliced Ham  
Oscar Mayer Sliced Turkey  
PEPPERIDGE FARM-snacks-Xtra Cheddar Goldfish-51 pieces  
PIK NIK-snack-Shoestring Potatoes  
PILLSBURY-Crescent Rolls-1 rolls  
PILLSBURY-canned biscuits-Grands Homestyle Southern Style-1 biscuit  
PIZZA PERFECT-10 Inch Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, mustard sauce  
POMPEIAN-oils/fats-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-serving size 1 TBSP (1 oz)  
POP SECRET-snacks-100 Calorie Bag, Butter Flavor  
POPSICLE-frozen treat-NSA Fudge Bar-1 bar  
POWERADE-sports drink-Powerade Zero- by oz  
PROGRESSO-Light Savory Vegetable Barley-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Garden Vegetable  
PROGRESSO-soup-High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone  
PROGRESSO-soup-Light Italian Style Meatball-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Light Vegetable-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Light Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Red. Sod. Beef & Vegetable-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Reduced Sodium Garden Vegetable-524 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Traditional Chicken & Sausage Gumbo  
PROGRESSO-soup-Vegetable Classics-Minestrone-538 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Vegetable Classics-Vegetable-538 grams  
PROGRESSO-soup-Vegetable Classics-Vegetarian Vegetable-538 grams (19 oz)  
PROGRESSO-soups-Heart Healthy Minestrone  
PROGRESSO-soups-Light Chicken Noodle  
PROGRESSO-soups-Vegetable Classics French Onion-1 can  
Pistachio Muffins-recipe yields 12  
Puppy Chow  
QUAKER-cereal-Grits Quick-37 grams (1/4 cup)  
QUAKER-granola bar-Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip  
RAGU-sauces/gravy-Traditional Pasta Sauce-small jar  
RAGU-sauces/gravy-Traditional flavor-1/2 cup  
RED LOBSTER-beverage-Unsweetened Tea-1 glass  
RED LOBSTER-breads-Cheddar Bay Biscuits-1 biscuit  
RED LOBSTER-dressing-balsamic vinegrette-1.5 oz  
RED LOBSTER-fish-tilapia-broiled-half order  
RED LOBSTER-grains-wild rice pilaf-1 side order  
RED LOBSTER-restaurant-Garlic Shrimp Scampi  
RED LOBSTER-restaurant-Grilled Salmon-half order  
RED LOBSTER-restaurant-Rock Lobster  
RED LOBSTER-restaurant-Shrimp Tacos  
RED LOBSTER-salad-garden salad-no dressing  
REESE'S Pnut Butter Chips  
REESE'S-candy-Peanut Butter Hearts-5 piece serving size   
RICE A RONI-side dish-Chicken Flavored Rice  
RITZ-crackers-Crisp & Thins Sea Salt  
ROLD GOLD-salty snacks-Honey Mustard Tiny Twists-28 grams  
ROLD GOLD-snacks-salty-Sticks-53 pieces  
RUBY TUESDAY'S-restaurant-Chicken Vegetable Harvest Soup-1 bowl  
RUBY TUESDAY'S-restaurant-Fit & Trim Grilled Salmon  
RUBY TUESDAY'S-restaurant-Fit & Trim Mashed Cauliflower  
RUBY TUESDAY-restaurant-Grilled Zucchini   
RUBY TUESDAY-restaurant-Roasted Spaghetti Squash  
RUBY TUESDAY-restaurant-White Bean Chicken Chili  
RUFFLES-salty snacks-Regular  
RUTH'S-Lite Pimento Cheese  
RUTH'S-Pimento Cheese-serving size 2 TBSP  
Red Beans  
Red Beans and Rice  
Red seedless grapes  
Rice Krispie treat  
Ruby Tuesday-restaurant-Grilled Chicken Salad-Lunch Portion  
SABRA-hummus-Roasted Garlic  
SAMS-produce-Fruit & Cheese Tray  
SARA LEE-Butter Bread-1 slice  
SARA LEE-bread-Delightful Honey Wheat  
SARA LEE-bread-Delightful Multigrain  
SE Grocers-bread-Hamburger Bun  
SE Grocers-bread-Hotdog Buns-1 bun  
SE Grocers-canned beans-Black Beans  
SE Grocers-canned beans-Dark Red Kidney  
SE Grocers-canned beans-Pinto Beans  
SE Grocers-canned tomatoes-Tomato Sauce  
SE Grocers-canned vegetables-Whole Kernel Corn  
SE Grocers-dairy-Cheddar & Monterey Jack Blend Shredded Cheese  
SE Grocers-dairy-Cottage Cheese  
SE Grocers-dairy-Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar  
SE Grocers-dairy-Sour Cream  
SE Grocers-dairy-cheese-Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cracker Cuts  
SE Grocers-pasta-Thin Spaghetti Pot Sized  
SE Grocers-salsa-Medium Salsa  
SEG Essentials-snacks-Penguin Crackers Extra Cheddar  
SEGrocers-frozen potatoes-Extra Crispy Seasoned Fries  
SKINNY COW-Heavenly Crisp Candy Bar  
SLOPPY JOES-homemade 05/08/18-serves 6  
SMART ONES-frozen meal Chicken Quesadilla-2 quesadillas  
SMART ONES-frozen meal-Salisbury Steak  
SMART ONES-frozen meal-breakfast-Cheesy Scramble with Hash Browns  
SMITHFIELD-meat-Diced Ham  
SMITHFIELD-sandwich meat-Premium Ham  
SNACK FACTORY-snacks_-Pretzel Crisps Garlic Parmesan-10 crisps  
SNACK FRESH-Apples & Grapes-3 oz  
SNACK FRESH-Fruit & Cheese Bites-5.5 oz  
SNACK FRESH-Veggie & Cheese with Lite Ranch-1 package  
SNYDER'S-snacks-Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces-28 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME WALTER'S-nuts-Pecan Halves-serving size 1/4 cup (30 grams)  
SOUTHERN HOME-Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices  
SOUTHERN HOME-Kosher Pickles  
SOUTHERN HOME-bread-Lite Wheat-2 slices  
SOUTHERN HOME-breads-Saltine Crackers-serving size 5 crackers  
SOUTHERN HOME-cheese-Fat Free Cream Cheese-by ounce  
SOUTHERN HOME-crackers-Classic Crackers-1 whole cracker  
SOUTHERN HOME-crackers-Classic-1 whole cracker   
SOUTHERN HOME-crackers-Reduced Fat Snack Crackers  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-Fat Free Sour Cream  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-Light Chocolate Ice Cream-60 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-Low Fat Cottage Cheese-115 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-cheese-2% Mozzarella Shredded  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-cheese-Light String Cheese  
SOUTHERN HOME-dairy-yogurt-Light Blended Raspberry-6 oz  
SOUTHERN HOME-dried beans-Pinto Beans-36 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME-frozen vegetables-Carrots-85 grams serving size  
SOUTHERN HOME-meat-Ground Sirloin-4 oz serving size  
SOUTHERN HOME-meats/poultry-Fresh Whole Chicken-4 oz serving   
SOUTHERN HOME-nuts-Natural Almonds-serving size 1 oz  
SOUTHERN HOME-pastries-Deep Dish Pie Shells-1 shell  
SOUTHERN HOME-salad toppings-Cheese & Garlic Croutons  
SOUTHERN HOME-salad toppings-Lightly Salted Crispy Onions-7 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME-seasoning-Taco Seasoning Mix-1 packet  
SOUTHERN HOME-side dishes-New Orleans Dirty Rice  
SOUTHERN HOME-snacks-Beef Jerky-Original-serving size 1 oz  
SOUTHERN HOME-soup-98% Fat Free Cream of Chicken Soup-serving size 125 grams-one can=305 grams  
SOUTHERN HOME-vegetables, canned-Tomato Sauce-1/4 Cup  
SPAGHETTI SAUCE-homemade-02/13/18  
SPECIAL K-breakfast bar-Chocolatey Pretzel  
SPECIAL K-cereal-Oats & Honey-29 grams serving size  
SPECIAL K-cereals-Cinnamon Pecan-3/4 cup  
SPECIAL K-snacks-Cracker Chips-Cheddar-30 grams  
SPECIAL K-snacks-Strawberry Fruit Crisp-1 bar  
SPECIAL K-snacks-salty-Cracker Chips-Sea Salt-serving size 30 chips  
SPECIAL K-snacks-salty-multigrain crackers-24 pieces  
SPLENDA-sugar substitute-serving size 0.5 grams (1tsp)  
STARBUCK'S-beverage-Grande Hot Chocolate  
STARBUCK'S-beverage-Hot Chocolate, tall  
STARKIST-Albacore White Tuna-in water  
STARKIST-RTE Tuna Salad Chunk Light-3 oz packet  
STARKIST-Ready To Eat Tuna Salad  
STARKIST-Tuna Salad Albacore Lunch To-Go Kit  
STARKIST-tuna-Snack Kit Chunk White Albacore in Water  
SUB STATION-grilled chicken salad 06/14/18  
SUBWAY-fast food-Roast Beef Salad, double meat, 2 cups of vinegariette   
SUBWAY-fast food-Roast Beef Salad, double meat, cheese, vinaigrette dressing  
SUBWAY-fast food-Salad, Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham-Double Meat  
SUBWAY-fast food-Subway Club Deluxe  
SUBWAY-fast food-Subway Club w/ Cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-Subway Club-double meat with cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-breakfast-Steak Egg & Cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-restaurant-sandwich-6" Spicy Italian on wheat, spicy brown, swiss cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-salad-Double Meat Roast Beef w/ cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-salad-Roast Beef w/ Cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-salad-Subway Club w/ Cheese  
SUBWAY-fast food-salads-Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham Salad  
SUBWAY-restaurant-6" Subway Club Deluxe on Italian w/ Cheese  
SUBWAY-restaurant-6" Turkey on wheat, double meat, with cheese  
SUBWAY-restaurant-Double Meat Turkey & Black Forest Ham  
SUBWAY-restaurant-fast food-Roast Beef on Wheat  
SUBWAY-restaurant-salad-Roast Beef no cheese  
SUBWAY-restaurant-salad-Sub Club Double Meat w/ Cheese  
SUBWAY-salad-Turkey & Black Forest Ham Salad w/ cheese  
SUBWAY-sandwich-6" Oven Roasted Turkey & Black Forest Ham on wheat-Double Meat no cheeset  
SUBWAY-sandwich-Double Meat Roast Beef-1 sandwich  
SUN CHIPS-salty snacks-Regular Flavor-28.3 grams  
SUN CHIPS-snacks-Cheddar  
SUNBEAM-bread-Lite Wheat Bread-2 slices  
SUNNY D-juice-single serve bottle  
SWANSON-soup/broth-Natural Goodness Low Sodium Chicken Broth-serving size 8 oz-one can=14.5 oz  
SWEET BABY RAY'S-sauce-Honey Mustard  
SWEET N LOW-sugar substitute-1 packet  
Salmon Stew-01/03/12  
Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread--1 slice  
Shepher'ds Pie 01/10/16  
Sloppy Joe--homemade   
Smart Food Delight White Cheddar Popcorn  
Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn  
Smartfood-snacks-White Chedder Popcorn  
Snyder's Honey Mustard Onion Pieces  
Southern Home Crispy Fried Onions  
Southern Home Green Chiles  
Southern Home Instant 4 Cheese Potatoes  
Southern Home Mexican Shredded Cheese  
Spaghetti Sauce-homemade-01/24/18  
Sprite-12 oz can  
TACOS-home made- 01/19/18  
TAKE 5--candy--1 package  
THOMAS-bread-Light Multigrain English Muffin-1 muffin  
TOWN HOUSE-Pita Crackers Sea Salt-serving size of 6 crackers  
TRIBE-dips-Original Hummus-2 tbsp  
TROPICANA-juice-orange-low calorie low sugar-8 oz  
TUNA SALAD-homemade 01/27/18-180g tuna, 41g mayo, 7g mustard  
TURKEY CHILI-12/10/11  
TYSON-Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Strips  
Tacos-12/13/11-8 servings, show 1  
Teriyaki Chicken 02/01/16  
Tori's Lasagna 01/29/12-2462 grams total  
Tori's Turkey Spaghetti-yields 6 servings-nutrion shows 1 serving  
Turkey Chili-01/06/2016-serves 6  
Turkey Chili-homemade-6 servings-Nutrition shows 1 serving  
Turkey Spaghetti  
Turkey Spaghetti-Dec 4, 2011  
Turkey-meat-Sandwich Slice-2 oz  
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice--Spanish Style  
VEG*ALL-vegetables/canned-1 can =822 grams  
VLASIC-vegetables, pickled-Sandwich Snackers-1 1/2 slices  
Veggie Snack Pack-6 oz (carrots, celery, & cheese(  
WASA-Multigrain Crispbread-1 slice (14 grams)  
WENDY'S-fast food-Chicken Nuggets-6 piece  
WENDY'S-fast food-Chili-large   
WENDY'S-fast food-Crispy Chicken Sandwich  
WENDY'S-fast food-Grilled Chicken Sandwich-1 sandwich  
WENDY'S-fast food-Junior Frosty-6 oz  
WENDY'S-fast food-Natural Cut French Fries with Sea Salt-Small-1 order  
WENDY'S-fast food-Plain Baked Potato  
WENDY'S-fast food-Value Size French Fries  
WISHBONE-Fat Free Italian Dressing (2 tbsp)  
WISHBONE-Light Buffalo Ranch Dressing-2 TBSP (30ml)  
WORLD TABLE-snacks-salty-Olive Oil & Sea Salt Pita Chips-28 grams  
Wheat Sub-bread-6 inch hollowed out  
Wheat Thins-16 crackers  
White Chicken Chili  
Whole Grain Elbow Macaroni-16 oz  
Wishbone Fat Free Italian Dressing  
Worcestershire Sauce-sauces/gravies-1 tbsp  
chili powder-4 tablespoons  
dinner 01/07/12  
dried onions-1/4 cup  
flour tortilla  
kidney beans for K's chili-3 cans  
saltine crackers-30 crackers per serving  
wheat lasagna noodles