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Custom Foods

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1 pop tart (frosted cherry)  
2% cheddar (1 slice)  
5th Avenue  
8oz top sirloin & steamed veggies, chilis  
After Glow  
Almond Milk, Silk, UNSWEETENED  
Almonds, 100% Natural, sea salt roasted, 30g/serving  
Angel Food Cake, Sugar Free  
Applebee's - Asiago Peppercorn Steak Dinner W/New Potato and Steamed Vegitables  
Applebees 7oz Sirloin  
Applebees Boneless Wings  
Applebees Fiesta Lime Chicken  
Applesauce (motts 4oz)  
Arby's (2)small roast beef &(1)small fris  
Arby's Curly Fries  
Arby's French Dip & Swiss Toasted Sub  
Arby's, Jr. Ham & Cheddar Melt  
Arby's, Jr. Roast Beef  
Artichoke Hearts, marinated  
BBQ sauce, sweet baby ray's  
Baby Carrots  
Baby Carrots (LeSeur) canned  
Bagel, Lenders, Blueberry  
Balance Bar (Caramel Nut Blast)  
Beef Jerky, Jack Links, peppered beef steak (2oz serving)  
Beef Stew, Healthy, Oxy Rec  
Birds Eye Broccoli Stir Fry  
Birds Eye Normandy Blend  
Birds Eye classic mixed vegetables  
Birds Eye, Baby Broccoli Florets  
Birds Eye, Steamfresh, Whole Green Beans  
Birdseye, Steam fresh, Broccoli Florets  
Birdseye, Steam fresh, Whole Grain Brown Rice  
Blackened Redfish  
Blueberries, Dole, frozen  
Bread (100% Whole Wheat) 2 slices  
Bread (Bunny Plantation 1 slice)  
Bread (WD 100% Whole Wheat)  
Bread (WD white)  
Bread (white wheat)  
Bread 100% whole grain 1 slice (nature's own  
Bread, Natural Grain, Dbl Fiber Wheat  
Bread, Nature's own, Honey Wheat, 3x fiber, 40cal/slice  
Bread, Natures Own, Whole Grain, Sugar Free, 1 slice  
Bread, natures own, honey wheat, light, 40cal/slice, 2 slices  
Bread, nut  
Broc & Carrots w/ garlic & herbs (green giant)  
Broccoli, Frozen  
Broccoli, cooked, from frozen, fat not added in cooking  
Brownie, Betty Crocker, Triple Chunk  
Cabbage soup  
Caesar salad (with romaine)  
Cake, nut  
Carrots, baby, raw  
Casein Protein (ON Gold Standard)  
Cashews w/ sea salt  
Cashews, 1.5 oz, lance  
Cereals ready-to-eat, KRAFT, POST HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS with Almonds Cereal  
Cheddar cheese  
Cheese Nips  
Cheese, Baby Swiss (natural), Sargento  
Cheese, Mozzarella  
Cheese, Pepperjack, Kraft Big Slice  
Cheese, Pepperjack, Sargento  
Cheese, provolone, reduced fat, Sargento  
Cheese, reduced fat swiss, Sargento  
Chick Fil A Spicy Chick Sand  
Chick Fil A waffle fries (medium)  
Chicken Breast 1 medium(bnls,sknls) Grilled  
Chicken Breast w/ mushroom cream sauce  
Chicken Breast, canned  
Chicken Parmesan  
Chicken Slop (434g serving)  
Chicken a la king  
Chicken fillet, broiled, sandwich, on oat bran bun, with lettuce, tomato, spread(Chick-fil-a)  
Chicken, crispt parmesan, homemade, healthy  
Chili's 8oz Sirloin & veggies, Guiltless Grill  
Ci-Ci's cheat day *yuck*  
Clif Bar (Carrot Cake)  
Clif Bar (Choco Brownie)  
Clif Bar (Choco chip peanut crunch)  
Clif Bar (choco chip)  
Clif Bar (crunchy peanut butter)  
Cliff Bar (Peanut Butter)  
Coburn Farms Light NF Yogurt (strawberry)  
Cocoa, Unsweetened  
Coffee 24oz  
Cookie, Buttermilk, PAW  
Cookie, Choc Chip, Pillsbury  
Cookies, Knotts Berry Farms, Raspberry Shortbread  
Cookies, mini chips ahoy, snack bag  
Corn, cream corn, canned  
Corn, sweet, yellow, frozen, kernels on cob, mini ear  
Corn, yellow  
Cracker Barrel Biscuit  
Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Cass  
Crackers, Wheat thins (rye, wheat, white flour),  
Cream Of Celery, 98% FF (Campbell's)  
Cream of Broccoli (Campbell's)  
Cream of Mushroom 98% FF (Campbells)  
Cream of Mushroom soup, GV, low sodium  
Croissan'wich (BK SEC)  
Crustaceans, crab, blue, crab cakes  
DiGiorno Cheese Pizza  
Domino's Pizza, 1 slice Large, pepperoni,sausage,ham  
Domino's Pizza, Cheese, lg, hand tossed 1 slice.  
Domino's Pizza, Memphis BBQ Chicken, Lg 1 slice  
Domino's Pizza, Pepperoni, Lg, Hand tossed, 1 slice  
Dominos Pizza, 1 slice medium, ham, hand tossed  
Doritos, spicy nacho, 1oz bag  
EAS Protein Bar  
EAS Whey Protein  
EAS, advant EDGE, chocolate fudge  
Egg, white only, cooked  
Egg, whole, fried without fat  
English muffin, Nature's Own, Multi Grain  
Famous Amos chocolate cookies, 2oz  
Fiber 1 Bar  
Fiber 1 Pancakes  
Fiber 1 cereal (51%)  
Fiber 1 pop tart (1pastry)  
Fiber One 35% caramel delight  
Fiber One cereal (57%)  
Fiber Plus bar (Kelloggs)  
Fiesta Baked Chicken  
Fish Oil 1400mg pill  
Flat out, Light Italian Herb Wrap  
Flour Tortilla (Mission large burrito)  
French Fries, medium, Rally's  
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait  
Granola Bar (nature valley oats n honey)  
Granola bar, Nature Valley, Oats 'n Honey  
Grape Juice (Welch's)  
Greek Yogurt (non fat plain)  
Greek Yogurt Strawberry (chobani)  
Greek Yogurt, Brown Cow (Vanilla)  
Greek Yogurt, Brown Cow, strawberry  
Greek Yogurt, Chobani, Blueberry  
Greek Yogurt, Yoplait, strawberry  
Greek Yogurt, honey (Chobani)  
Green Beans (Birds Eye Frozen)  
Green Giant Steamers, Garden Vegetable, Medley  
Green Giant, Steamers, Basil Veg Medley  
Green Giant, Steamers, Brocc& Carrots w/ garlic & herb  
Green Giant, Steamers, Healthy Colors  
Green Giant, Steamers, Roasted Potato & Broccoli w/ Cheese Sauce  
Green beans, Italian style, canned  
Ground Sirloin (90/10)  
Ham, smoked, Hillshire Farm  
Hamburger Bun, Sara Lee, whole grain white  
Hamburger bun, Bunny bread  
Hamburger w/ cheese, Rally's  
Honey Bunches of Oats  
Honey Nut Cheerios  
Hubig's apple pie  
Hummus, Athenos, Spicy 3 Pepper  
Hummus, roasted red pepper  
Hunt's Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes w/ garlic  
Ice Cream Sammich (GV low fat)  
Ice Cream, Vanilla, Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy, No Sugar Added, 1/2 the fat  
Ice cream sandwich (mini)  
Inches-A-Weight, Protein Bar, Caramel Crunch  
Italian Special  
Jam/Jelly, Bama, Grape  
Jello Sugar Free 60 cal Pudding Snack(choc/van swirls)  
Jello Sugar Free, Choc, 60 cal  
Jello, Sugar Free Jello  
Jimmy Dean, D-Lights, Turkey Sausage Muffin  
Johnsonville Brats (1 link)  
Juicy Juice  
KFC BBQ Baked Beans  
KFC Biscuit  
KFC Green beans  
KFC Grld Chk Brst  
KFC Grld chk brst,grn bean,mash pot, bisc  
KFC Mac & Cheese  
KFC Mashed Potatoes  
KFC Peppered Gravy  
KFC Sweet Kernal Corn  
Kemps (frozen yogurt)no sugar, fat free vanilla  
Kidney Beans (Bush's reduced sodium)  
King Cake (Randazzos)  
Kraft, light raspberry vinaigrette (2tbsp)  
Lasagna with meat, Stouffers  
Lays (Baked BBQ)  
LeSeur Very Young Peas  
Life, Cereal, maple and brown sugar  
Luna (nuts over choco)  
M&M (Peanut)  
M&M's, peanut  
MGN Whey Protein Isolate  
Mandarin Chicken  
Manderin Chicken  
Marco's Pizza Cheesy Bread  
Marco's Pizza, Large, Cheese  
Mayonnaise-type salad dressing, low-calorie or diet, cholesterol-free  
Mc Donalds Southern Style Crispy Chick Sandwich  
Mc Donalds, French Fry, Medium  
McAlister's Horseradish Roast Beef & Cheddar Panini  
McAlister's Spud Max (no sour cream)  
Milk 0% (fat free)  
Mission, whole wheat tortilla, medium 96% ff, Plus!  
Mr. Goodbar   
NUT-rition, mixed nuts, planters  
Nutty Bars  
Nutty Bars (Little Debbies)  
Oatmeal (Kellogs High Fiber-Maple&Brown Sugar)  
Oatmeal (Old Fashioned Oats)  
Oatmeal (Quaker high fiber))  
Oatmeal (Quaker lower sugar Apples & Cinnamon)  
Oatmeal (oat revolution apples and cinnamon)  
Olive Garden Breadstick  
Olive Garden Minestrone Soup  
Olive Garden Salad  
Oreo (double stuff)  
Oscar Mayer Turkey breast (shaved)  
Oscar Meyer hot dog (no bun)  
PB & J carckers, keebler  
PB&J sammich on white (simply jif, sugar free jelly)  
Pancakes, Aunt Jemima, Buttermilk, Complete  
Papa John Pizza   
Pasta Roni (garlic & OO)  
Patio Burrito (bean and cheese)  
Peach Cobbler Dump Cake  
Peantus, honey roasted (planters)  
Peanut Butter (Simply Jif)  
Peanut Butter Cups (1 serving is 1/17 of the mix)  
Peanut Butter, Peter Pan, Creamy  
Peanut Butter, Peter Pan, Natural  
Peanut butter Crackers, Lance  
Peanut butter, naturally more  
Peanuts (planters lightly salted cocktail-sea salt)  
Peanuts, Thai spice  
Peanuts, dry roasted, without salt  
Peas & Carrots (frozen WD brand)  
Pierogies, Potato and Cheddar (3/serving)  
Pizza (Walmart Pepperoni)  
Pizza 4 cheese classic crust (Red Baron)   
Pizza Domino's, Pepperoni, medium, slice, hand tossed  
Pizza, Domino's, Extra Cheese, Medium, Slice, hand tossed  
Pizza, Domino's, extra cheese, peperoni, mushrooms, lg, 1 slice  
Pizza, Dominos Pacific veggies, Hand Tossed, Lg, 1 slice  
Pizza, Dominos, 1 slice large, hand tossed, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch  
Pizza, Dominos, extra cheese, pepperoni, bacon, Hand Tossed, Large, 1 slice  
Pizza, Pappa Johns, Spicy Italial, Hand Tossed, 1 slice lg.  
Pizza, Pappa Johns, Tuscan 6 cheese, Hand tossed, 1 slice lg.  
Pizza, Personal Pan, Meatlovers  
Planters NUTrition (energy mix)  
Popcorn, Act II, 94%ff butter  
Popcorn, aged white cheddar, prepackaged  
Popeye's Biscuit  
Popeye's Breast  
Popeye's Fries  
Popeye's Leg  
Popeye's Thigh  
Popeye's mashed taters and gravy  
Popeyes Mashed Potatoes & Gravy  
Pork Chop (Baked w/ smart balance)  
Pork Rinds  
Praline (pecan)  
Premier Nutrition Protein Bar (Choc Peanut Butter)  
Premier Nutrition Protein Bar (Yogurt Peanut Crunch)   
Premier Nutrition Protein Bar (dbl choco crunch)  
Preserves (GV Blackberry, sugar free)  
Pretzels, Cheddar Ranch, Archer Farms  
Pretzels. Yogurt Covered  
Prorein bar (zone perfect)  
Pumpkin, canned  
Pure Protein (Vanilla Shake) 11oz can  
Pure Protein protein bar (choco deluxe)  
Pure Protein protein bar (strawberry shortcake)  
Quaker Chewy Granola Bar .84oz  
Quaker mini delights, choco drizzle, 90 cal pack  
Quizon's Turkey pesto torpedo, no cheese  
Raisin Bran (WD)  
Raising Canes Chicken Finger (1)  
Raising Canes Fries  
Raising Canes Sauce  
Raising Canes Texas Toast  
Ranch Dressing & Dip (Kraft)  
Red Beans, Blue Runner  
Reddi Wip  
Refried Beans, fat free  
Rice Cake, Quaker, Apple Cinnamon  
Rice, brown and wild, cooked  
Roast Chicken w/ parm-herb sauce, rice and brocc  
Rum Cake 1/12 of a cake  
Salad Dressing, Bacon Ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch  
Sara Lee bread (100% Multi Grain)  
Seafood Lasagna  
Shredded Wheat (Strawberry)  
Shredded Wheat Cereal Unsweetened (WD)  
Shrimp Creole Base (Zatarain's)  
Shrimp creole, no rice  
Shrimp creole, with rice  
Slim Fast (choco peanut nougat)  
Slim Fast Optima Bar (Banana Nut Muffin)  
Slim Fast Optima Bar (Oatmeal Raison)  
Slim Fast Optima Bar (choc cookie dough)  
Slim Jim  
Slim Jim, Jack Links 1oz  
Slimfast optima bar (chewy gran choc chip)  
Smoothie (High Protein Chocolate)  
Smoothie (High Protein Chocolate-Skinny)  
Smoothie (Vanilla Hulk)  
Smoothie (Vanilla Hulk) - weight gainer + extra protein   
Smoothie (muscle pump +)  
Smoothie King, Low Carb Smoothie  
Snacks, pretzels, hard, plain, made with unenriched flour, salted  
Snickers Marathon Energy Bar  
Snickers Marathon Protein Bar(carmel nut rush)  
Sonic Blast (Butterfinger)  
Sonic Blast, Reese's  
Sonic, Chicken Club Toaster Sandwich  
Sonic, Onion Rings, Medium  
Spaghetti, Whole Grain, Barilla  
Special K Crackers  
Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal  
Special K bar (90 cal)  
Special K cinnamon pecan  
StarKist, yellowfin tuna fillets, teriyaki  
Starkist Lunch To Go  
Steak, Fillet Mignon, Seasoned (Sams)  
Stiry Fry w/ chicken  
Strawberries, Sliced, Dole, Frozen, no sugar added  
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened, Dole  
Subway 6" Spicy Italian   
Subway Cookie (Whit Mac Nut)  
Subway Cookie, White Chip Mac Nut  
Subway Meatball Marinara (6" w/ cheese)  
Subway O.R. Chicken 6" w/ double meat  
Subway Oven Roasted Chicken 12"  
Subway Roast Beef (ft.long no cheese)  
Subway, Spicy Italian w/ cheese, 12"  
Subway, Spicy Italian, footlong w/ cheese  
Sugar cookie (soft kind w/icing)  
Sundae, Caramel, Sonic  
Sundae, hot fudge, McDonalds  
Syrup (Cary's Sugar Free)  
Syrup (WD lite)  
Taco Bell Fresca Bean Burrito  
Taco Bell Fresca Crunchy Taco  
Tater Tots (small)  
Teriyaki Stir Fry (Birds Eye)  
Texas Road House, 8oz Sirloin  
Texas Road House, green beans  
Texas Road House, roll  
Texas Road House, steamed veggies  
Texas Roadhouse, 10 oz ribeye  
Times, house salad w/ ranch  
Times, smokey's single w/ broccoli  
Tortilla (flour)  
Tortilla, high fiber, low carb, large  
Triscuit (reduced fat)  
Triscuit (rosemary)  
Tuna Cass  
Tuna, canned, water pack  
Turkey & Avacado on Wheat, sweet peppers deli  
Turkey Breast (O/R Jenny O)  
Turkey Breast (Hillshire Farm)  
Turkey Breast (oven roasted Jenny O)  
Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted, Hillshirm Farm  
Turkey Breast, OR, Oscar Mayer 98%ff  
Turkey Melt (McAlister's)  
Turkey breast, Land O'Frost  
Turkey breast, honey smoked, Land O'Frost  
Turkey breast. Butterball, honey smoked  
V8 Tomato and vegetable juice, mostly tomato, low sodium  
Vanilla extract  
Velveeta Shells & Cheese  
Vitamin, 1 a day for men  
Waffle House Syrup SF  
Waffle, plain, frozen  
Water, bottled, 20 oz  
Weight Watchers, Smart Ones, Salisbury Steak  
Welch's Grape Jam  
Wendy's 1/4 lb single, med fries, diet coke  
Wheat Thins (sundried tomato & basil)  
Whey, ON, Cookies & Cream  
Wheybolic Extreme 60  
White Beans  
White Frosted pretzels  
White beans, dry, cooked  
World's Finest Chocolate (Almond)  
Wrap (lavash), Joseph's, low carb w/ omega-3  
Yellow Corn, WD, organic, steamers  
Yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit)  
Yogurt (Yoplait Original)  
Yogurt, Stonyfield, Organic, Plain, Fat Free  
Yogurt, greek, Oikos, plain, organic  
Yoplait light  
Zatarains jambalaya  
Zoic High Protein Shake  
Zone Bar, choco peanut butter  
animal crackers, plain  
brocc,cauli & carrots, pict sweet, steamables  
brown rice, whole grain  
burrito, home made  
california blend, birds eye  
cheese cake  
cheese, sharp chaddar,wd  
chicken in a biskit, 12 crackers  
cookies, gradnma's, peanut butter, 2 soft cookies  
cookies, grandma mini sandwich cremes, vanilla (1 bag = 3.5 servings)  
cottage cheese, small curd, fat free, Best Yet  
cream of chicken soup (Campbells Healthy Request)  
egg whites  
fiber 1 muffin  
fish oil  
french bread, reisings  
goldfish, baked snack  
greek yogurt, Chobani, pineapple  
greek yogurt, oikos 0%fat, caramel, 4oz  
grilled chicked sandwich (McDonalds)  
grits, butter flavor, quaker instant  
grits, quaker instant, cheddar cheese  
grtis, quaker, original  
ham (oscar mayer)  
ham, honey ham, buddig,   
hamburger bun, white wheat  
hamburger buns, wheat, sunbeam  
honey baked ham classic sandwich  
kellogs fiber plus cereal, cinnamon oat crunch  
peanut butter, jif, NATURAL  
pizza crust, mama mary's, 1 small crust  
pound cake  
protein snack  
pudding (Fat Free)  
quiznos, turkey, ranch & swiss (small)  
red beans, home made  
smoothie (High Protein Choc)  
smoothie king 32oz. (the shredder Vanilla)  
sonic breakfast burrito  
sonic grilled chicken sandwich  
sonic, country fried steak toaster  
sonic, onion rings, medium  
special K fruit crisps (100cal)  
tortilla, flour, La Banderita, burrito grande  
tortilla, mission, carb balance+, whole wheat, large  
turkey breast (WD oven roasted)  
turkey breast, oven roasted, , 98%ff, Plumrose  
turkey breast, smoked, oscar mayer  
turkey breat, OR, Oscar Mayer  
turkey burger  
turkey sausage  
waffle house waffle  
wendy's, chick sand, chick wrap, fries  
white wheat bread (2 slices)