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Custom Foods

Agave syrup  
Alternative bakery coconut macaroon  
Amy's brown rice bowl  
Amy's butternut squash soup  
Amy's lentil vegetable  
Amy's mattar paneer  
Amy's minestrone soup  
Amy's vegetable barley soup  
Apricot Chicken & Green Beans with Almond Slivers  
Babybel light  
Baked Rice Crisps  
Bolthouse Farms vanilla chai protein smoothie  
Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressing (1 tbsp)  
Carooba organic nut bar  
Commensal Cacciatore Simmer  
Commensal Chinese stir-fry  
Commensal Indian lentil soup (250 ml)  
Commensal Shepherd's Pie  
Commensal Tortiglioni Provencale  
Commensal Vegetarian Chili  
Commensal soy simmer  
Cucumber, raw  
Dare oatmeal cranberry cookie bar  
Dreamfields pasta  
Finn crisp crispbread  
Fitsmart protein bar  
Flax Plus cereal  
Halloumi cheese  
Iso Bar  
Isofemme protein powder  
Junior Mints  
Kozy Shack rice pudding  
Mary's caraway crackers  
Mincavi veal meatballs with rice  
Optimum instant oatmeal  
Orville Redenbacher's Lite Popcorn  
Pastene grilled tuna fillets  
Power Bar  
Quest trim fit bar  
Red Snapper  
Ricepod crackers  
Rio Mare peas & tuna  
Rio Mare tuna & peas  
Shefu Tofu  
Sisu protein shake  
Skinni cranberry chocolate spelt bar  
Slimstyles meal replacement drink  
St Dalfour sugar free blueberry jam  
Starbucks Iced Chai Latte  
Stickling's carrot muffin  
Stickling's spelt bagel  
Trader Joe's organic greek style nonfat yogurt  
Tradition low fat bran muffin  
Yogurt, vanilla flavor, lowfat milk  
almond milk  
almond smackers Betty Lou  
apple butter  
babaganoush Sabra  
baked Lay's  
beef in bbq sauce with roasted sweet potato  
betteroni pizza life choices  
broccoli, pea & mint soup  
bruschetta Fontaine Sante  
bubble tea  
bubble tea with coconut milk  
catelli multi grain pasta  
cheese laughing cow  
cheese, lactose free "Frugal"  
cheese, probio allegro skimmed milk cheese  
chia goodness apple cinnamon  
chicken & mango lettuce wrap  
chicken burger roasted vegetable PC  
chicken miso  
chickpea curry  
coconut curry tofu Blue Menu  
commensal mexican chili  
commensal tomato barley soup  
cranberry fruit snack  
dark chocolate 85%  
edamame, dry roasted (1/4 cup)  
empanada Napolitana  
fire roasted veggie pitza  
garden vegetable patty  
gingerbread spice cookies  
gluten free breakfast bars  
gluten free pasta shells  
gluten-free, wheat-free bread  
goody 2 chews  
granola "Enjoy Life" apple cranberry  
greek yogurt  
greek yogurt 2%  
greek yogurt Liberte vanilla  
green tea macarons  
hot pickled eggplant  
kashi pesto pasta  
lean cuisine asian citrus wild salmon  
lentil salad fontaine sante  
liberte svelte bio yogurt  
mackarel fillets  
meat free Gardein chicken breasts  
mini babybel light cheese (1 piece)  
muffin Trader Joe's  
multi-grain tilapia fillets  
naan bread  
oat cakes nairn's  
olympic organic yogurt  
onion bahji  
onion marmalade  
organic food bar - cranberry  
organic rosemary crackers  
pea soup Les Artisans de l'Aube  
peanut butter all natural  
potato crusted fish sticks  
protein powder Advanced Whey  
proteins + express  
quinoa pasta anelli  
raincoast crisps  
ricotta 2% (.25 cup)  
ricotta 4% (.25 cup)  
roasted red pepper dip  
saag paneer  
salad: chargrilled halloumi with bean & lentil  
salmon burger PC  
salmon tartare (3/4 cup)  
shrimp wrap  
simply bar chocolate raspberry  
simply bar peanut butter chocolate  
sol cuisine veggie burger  
soy mousse  
spelt flat bread Geffen  
steel cut oats  
strawberry flax plus yougurt bar  
tempeh burgers (green cuisine)  
teriyaki marinated tofu  
thai salad Ocean's Pacific  
think organic bar  
three lentil & cranberry salad  
tofu broccoli knish  
tofu spread  
tofu, carrot & hijiki sandwich  
tuna and chick peas  
tuna and cucumber sandwich  
turkey slices  
tzatziki Arahova light  
vanilla cottage cheese  
vector cereal  
vege greens protein bar  
veggie breakfast sausage links  
veggie burger Dr. Praeger's California style  
veggie chick'n breasts  
veggie turkey  
wild rice salad fontaine sante  
zensoy chocolate pudding