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Custom Foods

Power Food  
1 Piece of Chicken roasted in BBQ sauce  
Arnold Classic Whole Wheat  
Choice DM drink  
Choice Peanut Bar  
Classico Florentine Spanich and Cheese  
Coffee Hazel Coffee mate Regular Cream  
Coffeemate Hazelnut  
Danons Peach Yogurt  
Edy's Slow CHurned Rich & Creamy  
Fun size Musketeer Bar  
Giant Cookies and Cream  
Giant Super G Turkey  
Glucerna Snack Bar  
HORMEL Chili, No Beans, canned entree  
Heasherys Pot Of Gold  
IHOP Buttermilk pancake  
IHOP Maple Syrup  
Kelloggs Nutrigrain  
Kellogs NutriGrain Apple Cinnamon  
Kraft Fat Free American Cheese  
Lucerne Fat Free Milk  
McDonalds Preimium Crispy Chicken  
Milk, calcium fortified, cow's, fluid, skim or nonfat  
Nature Valley OATS & Honey  
Nestle Crunch  
Newmans Nonfat Yogurt  
ON Whey 100%  
Odwalla BlueBerry Monster  
Peter Pan Peanut Butter  
Planters Mixed Nuts  
Planters Trail Mix  
Pria French Vanilla  
Pria Mint Chocolate Cookie  
Ritz Crackers  
Sara Lee  
Silk Soy Plain  
South Beach Diet Cereal  
Soy Milk Continent  
Stir Fried Noodles  
Subway Bacon Chicken Ranch  
Tropicana Orange Juice