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Why Houseplants Are Good for Your Mental Health

Getting outside and being surrounded by nature is an excellent way to relax and refresh. But it turns out that you can get some of the same benefits by keeping houseplants and flowers around your home.

Having houseplants around the house can help to improve your memory and focus by offering a calming representation of nature, even indoors. You can also benefit by keeping a houseplant at work, on your desk to increase your cognitive function and help keep you from flagging. Many houseplants remove toxins from the air and oxygenate it, acting as a natural air filter that keeps clean air flowing to your brain. If you have trouble sleeping, consider finding a plant that releases oxygen at night to improve the air quality in your bedroom and give you something to focus and calm your mind before resting. Snake plants are commonly recommended for this purpose. Good sleep is essential for a good mental health.

Pick a plant that you enjoy, but know that some of the secret for houseplants being good for your mental health lies in the soil. Soil contains microbes that are found in the outdoors that cause chemical reactions that release endorphins that help boost your mood. And there is also the visual appeal of the plant that you have chosen. Looking at a pretty plant, or vase of flowers helps to make you feel calm and reduces anxiety. Studies have shown that hospital patients with plants in their room report feeling less stressed than those without.

Plants also provide a sense of purpose. Even cacti require minimal care and maintenance and taking care of your plants provides you with a sense of purpose that helps promote feelings of well-being.

Studies have looked at the mental health healing powers of Golden Pothos, Arrowhead Vine, and Chinese evergreen.

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