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The First Steps For Fighting Morbid Obesity

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There are many small steps you can take in your everyday life to begin to fight morbid obesity. If you have recently had a health scare or have just decided you want to make a change in your life, you can change your quality of life through a combination of eating healthier and increasing your activity level. Beginning with small steps and working your way into a lifestyle that will promote weight loss and increased strength is the best way to deal with morbid obesity.

Fighting Morbid Obesity

The first thing to remember when beginning to make a change in your lifestyle is that it took you a long time to gain all that weight, and it will take just as long to lose it. If you are planning on a quick fix, you must re-evaluate your situation and understand that it could take years of hard work and determination to get down to a healthy weight.

One of the first things you will want to do is visit your doctor. By visiting a doctor, they can run a variety of blood tests and conduct a physical to determine if you have any underlying health problems that have led to your weight gain. Problems that could affect your weight gain could be things such as a slow metabolism or a thyroid problem. Other conditions like high blood pressure or a predisposition to diabetes could affect your weight loss regimen. Your doctor can also recommend if any other weight loss measures, like bariatric surgery, may be right for your specific situation.

Creating a Weight Loss Strategy

To effectively lose weight, you will want to develop an eating plan to aid in your weight loss. It is not recommended to use a fad diet to lose weight, especially if you need to lose at least 100 pounds. Many of these diets can put your life and health at risk and should not be used for such a great weight loss. You should focus on improving your diet through healthy, well-balanced eating and not cutting out entire food groups, taking pills or using patches.

You should also look for a support group in your area or join one of the many online support groups for weight loss. Being in contact with others facing the same weight loss struggle can be a great support system, help keep you on track and help with your long term weight loss.

Begin keeping a food journal to jot down everything that you eat throughout the day. Also write your goals, dreams and your plans to achieve them. Take small steps in cutting back your calorie intake. If you are currently eating 4000 calories, consider cutting back 500 calories every month until you reach your calorie goal. Never severely cut your calories from 4000 to 1000, as this will force your body into shock and not help with long term goals.

Implementing an Exercise Regimen

Take baby steps with exercise. Begin by walking around the block and work up to several miles a day. Don't get discouraged if you are winded after a short time. It will take some endurance and practice to be able to go the distance, but just a little bit of extra movement daily will make all the difference in conditioning your body and helping you begin to lose weight.

Remember to take it slow and set reasonable goals for your weight loss. Losing weight over time is the best way to keep it off and put an end to your morbid obesity.

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