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Vitamin C: Why It's Important


The nutritional element known as vitamin C is one of the most important things to include in a regular diet. This powerful vitamin provides a number of very important health benefits, and the body needs it to function well. Vitamin C aids in staving off all kinds of diseases, improving the immune system, preventing inflammation, and generally supplying the body with chemicals that help it to process a diverse diet.

We've all heard about the old stories of how mariners used vitamin C to prevent the nefarious ailment called "scurvy" - but that age-old tale, for many, helps to illustrate how vitamin C can be an essential part of any diet. Without vitamin C, the bodies of these deprived sailors suffered. The same is true for a modern vitamin C deficiency. Individuals with this kind of vitamin deficiency become tired and experience various problems like gum disease, hair loss, etc.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin C

So what is so important about this essential vitamin? Vitamin C contains antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals in the body, warding off inflammation, infections, and viruses. Furthermore, by helping to build proteins in various types of cellular constructions, vitamin C also protects against heart attacks and strokes. In general, this nutritional element promotes better vascular health and longevity.

New studies have shown even more significant health benefits of vitamin C, where the vitamin has proved to be useful in breaking down some kinds of oxidized fats. This suggests that vitamin C may even be important in preventing things like Alzheimer's disease or autoimmune problems, as well as atherosclerosis, another problem of the circulatory system.

Doctors are often well versed about how this simple vitamin can affect multiple body processes. One specific manifestation of vitamin C effects is in its promotion of healthy teeth and gums. Periodontal problems and other related issues can be curbed with large intakes of vitamin C, although many other factors also apply. Generally, getting your daily recommended dose of vitamin C helps the body to handle challenges and build healthy tissues, while using the natural antioxidants to protect the body from outside invaders.

Where to Find Vitamin C

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are famous for including vitamin C, and shoppers buy oranges, lemons and limes by the bag in order to get vitamin C into their diet. However, cooking or processing will deplete some of the vitamin C that needs to be ingested by the body - that's why many individuals choose to take vitamin C tablets or supplements to be sure that they are getting their share of this wonderful health booster. For more information on how vitamin C intake could relate to any of your particular health issues, talk to your doctor about how a natural vitamin regimen can increase your overall health and quality of life.

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