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9 Foods Rich in Phosphorus


Those with specific concerns about getting the right vitamins and minerals might want to look at foods that deliver the key mineral known as phosphorus. Although many foods contain phosphorus, some are richer in this dietary element than others.

Benefits of Phosphorus

Phosphorus aids in the development of bones and teeth. It helps in assisting kidney processes. It helps to maintain an electrolyte and fluid balance for the body. It even helps in such obscure tasks as DNA replication. Different individuals require different levels of phosphorus. Some health conditions may require a low phosphorus diet. In other cases, conditions may require someone to go on a high phosphorus diet.

Foods Rich in Phosphorus

Here are some of the best options for getting a lot of phosphorus into your diet.

  1. Whole Wheat and Bran Mixes - Any combination of bran flakes, whole wheat baked goods, or similar items gets a large amount of phosphorus into your daily diet, along with fiber and other nutritional benefits.
  2. Cottage Cheese or Cheddar - These two different kinds of cheeses also deliver a high amount of phosphorus. Low fat or no fat cottage cheese is best.
  3. Peanut Butter - Along with a large amount of protein, peanut butter is also a phosphorus rich food. Nutritional experts recommend organic, natural peanut butter over sweetened, fat saturated varieties.
  4. Corn - This popular plant in its many varieties also carries phosphorus to the body. Whether fresh or canned, corn can be incorporated into many meals.
  5. Broccoli - Broccoli is also a phosphorus rich food. In addition, it brings a wealth of health resources that green vegetables are generally known for, including antioxidants for fighting toxins in the body as well as vitamin C. Some nutritional experts recommend eating green vegetables like broccoli in a raw form rather than boiled, as some of their vitamins and minerals are more concentrated prior to cooking.
  6. Chicken and Turkey - Both of these contain phosphorus and a lean meat choice can be a good addition to some personal diets.
  7. Sunflower Seeds - These little snacks also deliver phosphorus and are fun to eat, although discarding the shells can sometimes mean a lot to clean up afterward.
  8. Garlic - Phosphorus is only one of the healthy elements in this historically popular plant that has been used so extensively in southern European cultures to provide both flavor and nutrition in daily cuisine.
  9. Legumes and Nuts - In addition to peanut butter, other nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts, and cashews all contain a good amount of phosphorous, as do many varieties of beans. These foods, in dried and non-perishable forms, can be a good solution for getting nutritional elements like phosphorus into a diet when refrigeration and easy food storage are difficult.

These are some of the top choices for those who want to include larger amounts of phosphorus in their daily diets. Think about which of these are most beneficial to your personal nutritional needs and dietary schedule. For most individuals and families, phosphorus rich food choices are relatively easy to fit into a balanced, nutritious daily menu.

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