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6 Foods Rich in Niacin

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The natural element called niacin is one of the main essential nutrients that the body needs for good overall function. Sufficient levels of niacin help with giving the body the energy it needs to accomplish daily tasks. Niacin also helps with digestion, circulation of the blood, and regular functioning of the nervous system.

Nutritional experts recommend 13-17 milligrams of niacin per day for a normal adult. Lots of foods naturally offer high levels of niacin. Eating the right foods can help individuals get the nutrients they need without using dietary supplements. Here are some of the top foods containing high levels of niacin.

Wheat Bran

When it comes to niacin, this fiber-rich food tops many charts. With up to 30 milligrams of niacin in a 100-gram serving, wheat bran is a healthy way to get this essential element into your diet.

Liver, Kidney and Heart Products

The organ meats of many mammals deliver a high amount of niacin as well as iron and other needed nutritional elements. Not everyone enjoys this kind of diet or has access to healthy choices for this kind of niacin food source, but for some who are connected to local agriculture, using naturally produced organ meats can be a popular choice.

Pork Chops, Beef, Chicken and Turkey

All kinds of traditional red meats contain high levels of niacin, as well as proteins that can help add the right fuel balance to an active body. Some try to cut red meat from their diet for a number of reasons, and choose to substitute other niacin sources.


Just like the red meats mentioned above, all kinds of fish, from popular choices like cod, catfish and processed pollock, to more exotic fish like snapper, croaker, orange roughy or halibut all contain niacin for a good balanced diet. Fish is an alternative to red meat for many all over the world. And with the right environmental conditions, it can be a safe addition to the dinner plate.

Fortified Breakfast Cereals

Lots of breakfast cereals from General Mills and other top companies are fortified with niacin and other vitamins and minerals. Choosing less sugary cereals will help you to get these benefits without loading you down with too many calories first thing in the morning.


For those who are looking for other kinds of alternatives to red meat, peanuts and some other kinds of nuts also contain high levels of niacin, as well as proteins and other essential nutrients. Nuts are a simple, portable and relatively healthy way to incorporate niacin and other elements into a daily diet. Look for less salted varieties to help trim sodium from the diet in order to combat rising blood pressure and other effects of too much salt.

    These are some of the top foods for getting niacin into your diet. For more information about getting the best nutrients while counting calories and tracking your weight loss plans, visit

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