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Are You Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar the Right Way?

By now you’re probably super into apple cider vinegar (ACV) and know that it can help you lose weight, boost energy and help treat acne and sunburns. Basically, it’s a super cure all that can address a variety of health and beauty concerns. But ACV, even the good for you organic, unfiltered variety is really acidic. It is vinegar, after all, and can cause serious damage if you don’t use it correctly.

You’ve probably heard about people doing shots of ACV — it’s quick and convenient after all, especially on an empty stomach. But don’t do this, it can cause serious damage to your esophagus and stomach lining because of all the acid. It can also harm your tooth enamel, even if they do look perfectly white. Instead, dilute ACV with water, around one to tablespoons per 8 ounce glass. Or mix it up with a little honey for a sweet elixir. You can also find “drinking vinegars” from brands like Live, which create beverages that feature ACV and include other good for you ingredients that add minimal calories and lots of flavor so that you get the benefits without the harm.

Also, pay attention to when you drink ACV. Although it’s popular to enjoy it as the first thing you have in the morning, ACV actually helps lower blood sugar levels and help block starch digestion only if there is some starch already present. Otherwise, the ACV has nothing to feed on. So drink an ounce mixed with water immediately before your meal, rather than as drink unto itself. You can do this once or a twice a day if you’re interested in the weight loss benefits of ACV.

As a beauty treatment, ACV should also be diluted so that it doesn’t burn or hurt when it comes into contact with your skin.

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