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This New Tech Customizes Your Diet Based on Your Gut

Go with your gut.

More and more studies are focusing on the connection between your gut and your overall health. Trillions of microscopic organisms exist all over your body but research is finding more and more that the bacteria that live in your gut play a strong role in your overall health, affecting your risk of autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and other major health issues. The importance of gut health is why you’re probably taking probiotics to beat a cold.

But the problem is that each gut is different and so your probiotics may not help your gut. And there are a lot more bacteria in your digestive tract than in any product. Viome is looking to help your gut so that you eat the right foods for you.

Because each person has their own unique combination of gut dwelling organisms, Viome has created a special service to determine exactly what you should eat to enjoy your best health. So even though you’ve heard that you should be eating kale, you should be eating more healthy fats for your optimal health.

People from a variety of different health backgrounds have that by eating a program designed just for them, they were able to drop the last few pounds, even if they were already eating well by normative standards.

Viome is a specialized program that delivers a kit directly to you twice a year. The kit contains a test to analyze your stool as well as your metabolism. Using technology, your tests are used to produce a customized diet plan to help you enjoy optimal health. Other tests don’t produce as accurate of results as Viome, according to the company. By getting super close results, your gut health is as unique as possible. And it’s not a one time thing, but meant to adapt and change with your body’s needs. You can check out the testimonials and details at

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