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These Are the Groceries You Should Be Stocking up on at Costco

Wondering which food to buy at Costco next time you venture into the store? These are your best choices for not only maintaining a healthy diet, but keeping your budget on track.

Costco proves to be an excellent place to shop if you are looking to save money and don’t mind buying in bulk quantities. The great thing about Costco is that because you are buying larger amounts of food at once, this can save you many grocery trips in the long run during the busy week when you otherwise might not have time to go.

You may be wondering which groceries are the best ones to stock up on. Let’s take a closer look at the top Costco picks so next time you’re at a local warehouse, you know just what to buy.

Chicken Breasts

Few healthy diet plans would be complete without the addition of chicken to the plan. Chicken is an excellent source of protein as it’s low in fat, highly versatile, and doesn’t take all that long to cook.

Stock up on a large box and then freeze it when you get home. This way, you can simply take out as needed.


Another healthy source of protein you must have in your diet plan is salmon. Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it excellent for promoting overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids can combat depression, help lower your risk for heart disease, and also help to improve insulin sensitivity — just to name a few of the benefits they have to offer.

As wild caught salmon is on the pricey side, purchase it at Costco for a lower price and in a larger quantity. Once again, you can freeze it if you prefer and won’t be using it right away.


Eggs are next up on the list of foods you’ll want to ensure you are buying next time you visit Costco. Eggs make for the perfect morning source of protein and if you opt for egg whites, all the better. One whole egg plus 3-5 egg whites is a great way to get a good dose of protein in plus the nutrients that are found in the yolk. Remember to never be too quick to toss all yolks as one or two a day can be a perfectly fine addition to your diet plan.

Costco eggs by the dozen will almost always be cheaper than at your normal grocery store.

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is the next must-buy when visiting Costco. Costco produce tastes great, is of good quality, and once again, costs less than at the other grocery stores. You can buy a huge bag of broccoli, for instance, prepare it all at once, and you’ll have vegetables for your meals throughout the week.

Coconut Oil And Nut Butter

Finally, don’t forget those healthy fats. Both coconut butter and nut butter come in larger quantities at Costco and work great for getting your intake up. With coconut oil especially, the larger tubs will give you a lower cost per serving compared to the smaller tubs, so do take advantage of this.

Coconut oil can be pricier to buy, but it is a very healthy fat so not one you’ll want to miss out on.

So keep these groceries in mind next time you’re on your way to Costco. Pick them up and you’ll be one step closer to stocking up on healthy eating for the weeks ahead.

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