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Should You Use Mail Order Braces?

You've decided that your teeth need a little help, but are mail order braces the solution for better, straighter teeth?

In 2017 we can do most things from the comfort of our home, which is why dental care companies are taking advantage of this fact and marketing self-administered mail order braces kits. Considering that going to the dentist is neither a cheap nor particularly pleasant experience, you can see the appeal of this decision.

But before you decide to go this route there are a few things you should take into account: When you get your dental impressions (a mold of your teeth) at a dentist, they are done by a professional. This professional will take into consideration your gum health and signs of decay, as well as an overall analysis of your oral hygiene. They will also perform X-rays to check that your teeth and bones are strong enough to undergo these procedures. However, if you decide to opt for mail order braces, you're simply taking your own impressions at home, which could result in incorrect fittings—and the correct fitting is essential in order to achieve your desired results.

Another con is that there will be no professional on-hand to monitor your process and ensure that everything fits properly, that there is no damage to the gums, such as gum recession, and that the teeth are not loosening. Along the way, your teeth may need some refinement, and only a professional will be able to establish this. Remember, these people have undergone years of training for this exact reason, and no mail-order kit is able to replace their expertise.

And if you aren't happy with the end results of your DIY braces, then you're probably going to end up spending even more money by going to a professional to correct these mistakes. So, while it may seem appealing to cut costs and skip a dentist appointment, in the long run, it's a much safer and better option to leave it to the professionals to perform complex dental procedures.

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