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Take a Break! 10 Ways To Decompress for a Better You

Fitday Editor

Remember that you're only one person. One person can only work so hard. Although work may be crazy, there has to be a time that you dedicate to your personal life.

Imagine this: you come home from a rough day at work, you have to make dinner for your family, clean the house, and get laundry ready for the next day. Just as you're about to go to bed you realize all you did all day was wake up, work, come home, and work some more. The drag of your current routine is really starting to get to you.

Trust me, I understand your concern. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your life revolves around your profession 24/7. The following ways to decompress are some of my favorites:

1. End your day with a glass of good wine.
Red wine, in particular, has many antioxidants and is actually pretty good for your health. Don't over-do it on the alcohol, and make sure to drink water before and afterwards.

2. Take a kickboxing class. What better way to decompress than kicking a punching bag or another class member?! Local gyms tend to have discounts for new members, and Groupon is always a great place for discounts too!

3. Meditate in your bedroom and light some candles for ambiance. My favorite music for meditation is the yoga station on Pandora. I like turning this on, sitting on a pillow on my bedroom floor, and thinking about absolutely nothing.

4. Put on your favorite movie (or trashy reality TV show) and make some popcorn. My fiance hates when I turn on trashy reality shows, so when he's not home it's my guilty pleasure.

5. Worry about cleaning and doing chores another day. When you get home from a stressful day, try not to do too many chores right away. Take time for yourself and remember that the dirty dishes in the sink will still be there in an hour. You can get to them later.

6. Make a new iTunes playlist. I like checking out playlists on various music blogs to find new bands and local talent. New music is great for long drives as well!

7. Look for a new DIY project on Pinterest. Pinterest can be a dangerous place. On the other hand, if you have self control and don't get carried away with pinning for hours, you can find great DIY projects for cheap!

8. Create a vision board for your 2013 goals. Instead of using Pinterest (see above why), do it the old fashioned way. Get your scissors and clip some images and words from magazine! Tape these to a poster board or pin them to cardboard and place it in a special environment for extra motivation for your goals.

9. Give yourself a facial with at-home products. My favorite products are those that I can make using ingredients in my kitchen. Coffee grinds are a great natural exfoliant and milk is great for balancing skin tone!

10. Get to bed an hour earlier than normal. Sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. Try turning off your tech devices an hour earlier than usual and climb into bed. Turn off your TV and just relax for a few minutes before shutting your eyes.

By following the suggestions above, you'll be able to decrease your stress level and decompress after a hard day of work! Now turn off your laptop and get to relaxing!

Nicole Kennedy is a healthy living blogger and public relations specialist living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Nicole's blog, Simply Nicole, documents her daily life occurrences as she balances working full-time, blogging, training for races, practicing yoga, eating healthy and spending time with her boyfriend. You can connect with Nicole via Facebook and Twitter for real-time blog updates, tips and tricks to living a healthy lifestyle, and more!

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