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How Clean Are You After a Bath, Really?

Most people list taking a nice warm bath high on their list of best ways to relax. But is your bath actually getting you clean? Or are you just further soaking in the grime and germs that you have picked up from your busy day?

Showering is often not considered as relaxing and does not always help soften the skin like a good soaking does — think of the rough spots on your body after a bath! But showering does have the benefit of rinsing the body and immediately getting rid of the dirty water through drainage. However for many people they may only have a bath, or prefer bathing in a tub. So how does one get just as clean from a bath as they might from a shower, consider the following tips;

Steps for a cleaner bath!

· Rinse your hair with cups of clean water when shampooing and conditioning instead of dipping your hair under the water you are sitting in

· Rinse your body off before your shower if you have access to a shower or moveable shower head, especially if you might be extra dirty or sweaty from exercising

· Follow up your bath with a quick rinse in the shower to remove any residual soap or contaminates that may have been floating in your bath water

· Consider using or installing moveable shower heads to rinse the body and hair while in the bath with clean water

· Look for bath products that produce less filmy residue that can trap bacteria in your bath or on your shower curtain

· Quickly scrub and rinse the bath tub after and before you bath to avoid residual product or bacteria build up

· Avoid letting the bottom of shower curtains dangle in your bath because they may contaminate the water with bacteria

· Try to use effective natural products and hot water vs. chemicals to clean your bath tub because if any of the chemicals are left over it could get on your body during your next bath

By following these few steps you may be able to help avoid irritation suffered by some people with sensitive skin, reduce the likelihood for women to develop yeast infections, and have a cleaner bathing experience. Reducing the use of some bubble baths and bath products can also help reduce skin irritation. Children often are more sensitive to certain products than adults.

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