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Get Into the Zen Zone With These 5 Alternatives to Meditation

Meditation may be good for the soul, but many people get stressed at just the thought of sitting and "doing nothing." If you're an active type that actually stresses at the idea of something as supposedly relaxing as meditation, fear not. There are a bunch of other ways that you can get into the zen zone and chill out for a bit.

Listen to Some Tunes

Meditation is supposed to help you let go and enjoy the moment, even for a moment, b y focusing on everything but what your daily stresses are. If meditation isn't for you, then try music. Choose an album that you love and focus on the sounds and songs without any interruption, just for a bit.

Take a Breath

With all the hustle and bustle, it's hard to find a moment to just breathe. Set aside a few minutes a few times a day to just breathe. Big inhales and exhales to just calm your mind and your thoughts. If you get really into it, try exploring breathing exercises for further relaxation.

Pen and Paper

Try journaling your thoughts or drawing them out. Expressing your anxiety via a pen and paper outlet, whether you doodle or diary, can help to eliminate negative emotions that build up.


Yoga practice helps you to move mindfully, so that you are focused on the task at hand. Find a flow that works for you and then take advantage of the few moments at the end of your practice that encourage you to stop moving and thinking for a bit. Who knows, you might be more meditative than you think

Walk It out or Dance It Off

Meditating doesn't have to mean getting all twisted up in a seated position. Go for a walk outside to help calm your nerves. Or crank up your stereo and dance while you do your chores.

Find a moment to kick back and relax and you'll be reaping meditative benefits like lowering your anxiety and depression in no time.

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