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10 Sexual Fetishes You Didn't Know About

Just because you were the first member of your book club to read Shades of Grey doesn't mean that you're an expert on all things bedroom. In fact, there are a lot of kinks that the best-selling-NSFW-book-turned-movie doesn't even cover. While some sexual fetishes are totally taboo, illegal, or just plain scary, some fetishes are actually pretty popular. Take a look at the sexual fetishes that you never knew about, some that you might already be in to, and a couple that you might want to start exploring:


Anililagnia sounds worse than it is. It just means an attraction to older women. Kind of puts "cougars" into perspective.


Not just for Peeping Toms, voyeurs qualify as pretty much everyone because they get turned on looking at naked people, and naked people getting it on.


Pygophiliacs get turned on by butts. Which is pretty much every magazine that celebrates the full rear ends of celebrities these days.


Piercings and tattoos really do it for you? Maybe you have a hint of stigmatophilia, getting turned on by needle work.


The Ted movie pretty much covers this one. But yeah, getting turned on by teddy bears is a real thing. Usually done in the privacy of one's home, but not always.


Claustrophilia is pretty much the opposite of being claustrophobic. It means you get turned on by small spaces. It's unclear if claustrophiliacs need enough room for two to be able to tango.


Hybristophilia is more than just liking bad boys. It's really liking criminal types, even to the point of writing to jailbirds, and getting off on serial killers, robbers, etc.


Mechanophilia is actually a crime in the UK. It refers to having sexual relations with vehicles.


No need to dress up and put on a pretty face. Salirophiliacs like things messy. Like covered in mud, messy.

Autonepiophilia or paraphilic infantilism

This one gets covered by pop culture, but it's pretty extreme nonetheless. Adults dress up like babies, complete with dirty diapers and a sexualized take on the adult/child relationship.

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