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Is Broccoli Coffee a Thing Now?

For most of us, the words “broccoli” and “coffee” should never be in the same sentence, but despite how stomach-turning the thought of chugging a caffeinated broccoli beverage sounds, it’s become a bit of a health trend in recent months.

Because the average person does not eat enough fruit and vegetables, you can now stir a powdered version of broccoli into coffee, smoothies, soups, or even baked goods, to ensure you get your recommended daily intake. At least, this is what the Australian government’s science agency CSIRO, and agriculture group Hort Innovation, hope will happen.

According to The Guardian, CSIRO and Hort Innovation have been working on a project that involves broccoli that is not perfect enough to be sold in shops. These vegetables are often discarded because they are deemed too “ugly” for sale, so the project is working to reduce food waste by developing it into a special dried powder.

Broccoli is packed with health benefits, vitamins, and minerals, including dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and manganese, but despite this, the average person will probably not be rushing to try out this coffee/broccoli blend. A Melbourne cafe called Commonfolk was apparently experimenting with the mixtures and created a latte, although it’s not loved by everyone, as Mashable reports the cafe received “mixed reviews” — suggesting that it could potentially taste as gross as it sounds. As for how you make a broccolatte? According to Health, this is done when the vegetable is dried and ground into a fine powder and then stirred into your coffee.

Not everyone is ready for this health-infused caffeine fix, but there may still be hope for smoothies and soups. And perhaps the best part of this collaboration is that it highlights how much food is lost before it even hits the shelves of the local grocery store.

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