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Healthy Fast Food Options: Ranked

Wondering what healthy fast food options are available? Check out our list of top ranking menu items to help keep your diet intact next time you hit the drive-thru.

Eating in a fast food restaurant is almost always associated with less than healthy options. In fact, most fast food meals can easily tally 1000 calories or more without much effort. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re smart in your selection, you can walk out the doors of your favorite fast food establishment without ruining your diet.

Let’s have a closer look at the top fast food options – ranked for your convenience.

#1 – Chicken Or Turkey Pita

You simply can’t go wrong with a pita. As long as you choose the smaller size, opt for a whole wheat pita, and avoid high fat dressings and spreads, this is an excellent addition to your diet plan.

The great thing about pitas is they’ll allow you to cram as many vegetables as possible into the pita, helping you reach your 5-10 a day of fruits and vegetables.

And, the pita bread doesn’t supply as many carbs as a sub or bun would, so this helps you attain a better balance in the meal. Most small chicken pitas will run you around 250 calories, so a very safe bet for any diet plan.

#2 – Chicken Or Turkey Sub

Next up on the list is a chicken or turkey sub. This is also a great option as you can load it up with plenty of fresh vegetables. Just hold the cheese and mayo to keep your calorie count in check.

The sub will provide a few more carbs than the pita will, but as long as you choose whole wheat, it shouldn’t be too detrimental to your diet plan. Just try and be a bit more active that day to make good use of those carbs.

#3 – Chili

Chili is the next item you’ll want to consider on the list of healthy fast food items. Chili gets its carb source from beans, which provide an excellent source of dietary fiber and even a small dose of protein as well.

The sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, rich in lycopene, which will also help to keep the calorie count down.

Choose a small chili and make sure to order it without the bread bowl. If you do, you’ll be all set.

#4 – Grilled Chicken Burger

A grilled chicken burger is the next good choice if visiting the local burger joint and in need of a burger. While you won’t get the same taste as you would from a beef burger, you’ll get far more protein and less fat with this option.

Just once again, hold the mayonnaise on this one. Usually, these buns aren’t as healthy as a sub bun as you can’t get them in whole wheat, but as long as you just have one, it shouldn’t be too detrimental.

#5 – Chicken Soft Taco

Finally, if a taco is more your style, try a chicken soft taco. Going with a soft taco is smarter than a hard taco as the shell hasn’t been deep fried so is lower in total calories and fat. Chicken will provide a leaner source of protein as well, so a better option than beef.

Next time you’re out and need a quick bite to eat, keep these options in mind. All will provide sustainable meals you’re sure to enjoy.

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