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Working off Postpartum Weight Gain

Fitday Editor
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Postpartum weight gain may be due to the various hormonal changes in the body and the fact that you may eat more during the pregnancy. If you want to eliminate the gained fat, there are a few means of doing this without having to be on a strict diet. A workout program can be of great help.

Postpartum Weight Gain

Most women gain between 20 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. Ten to 15 pounds are lost along with the delivery of the baby. This means that there will be some excess weight left.

Breastfeeding may help you lose some weight. However, you may still need to lose some more weight to regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Most women regain their figure within 8 to 12 months, without actually dieting or exercising. However, if you want to shed your extra pounds faster, you need to focus on a workout plan.

Workout Program

Dieting should be avoided during the breastfeeding period or during the first 3 months after delivery. During this time, the body needs nutrients to recover. If you fail to provide these nutrients, your body may weaken and you may be more prone to diseases.

However, postpartum exercising is allowed and you can start exercising as soon as you feel up to it. Typically, doctors recommend starting exercising only 6 weeks after delivery, but no sooner than that.

You should work with a trainer and establish a workout plan that will be suitable for you. For instance, if you enjoy swimming, you should introduce this type of exercise into your plan. If you prefer a spinning class, make some time for this activity.

Workout Time

Many mothers complain that they have no time for themselves after giving birth. However, if losing postpartum weight is important for you, you need to make some time for yourself. You need to find at least 30 minutes per day to exercise.

If you find it difficult to leave your baby at home, you may opt for at-home exercising (e.g. getting a Pilates DVD). If 30 minutes sounds like a long time, start with 10 minutes per day and gradually increase your workout time.

Recruit a Partner

Having someone join you when you exercise is a great means of making sure you stick to your program. Recruit another mother or a friend who wants to lose some weight, and set a regular exercise schedule.

Every Activity Counts

In addition to the workout plan that you follow, you should also consider focusing on a few activities that are not necessarily exercise, but will contribute to weight loss. For instance, taking your baby for a short walk may help you lose some weight; lifting and holding your baby can be considered as efficient as weight lifting.

It's important that once you've reached your fitness goals, you stick to a maintenance program. Exercising 3 times per week, for example, is a great way to start. This will ensure that you will stay in great shape, avoid obesity and the health problems that are associated with it.

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