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What is Tofu?

Fitday Editor

While tofu is gaining in popularity around the world, it is still a mystery to many people. For best results when choosing tofu, look for packages that are as fresh as possible.

About Tofu

Tofu is a product that is made from soybeans, and which is typically used as a replacement for beef, chicken, fish and other types of protein. This makes it a great choice for vegetarians and other individuals who are interested in getting more protein in their diet. It is often promoted as a healthy form of protein, as it is practically fat-free.

Finding Tofu

While tofu could once only be found in organic or other specialty stores, it can now be found in almost any chain grocery store around the country. If you have a difficult time finding tofu in your area, consider shopping online. Tofu can sometimes now be found through online retailers, though it may be significantly more expensive than tofu which is bought from a grocery store.

Tofu Consistency

When using tofu in your recipes, remember that meals cooked with this product turn out best when the tofu that is used is of a consistency similar to that of the meat of which it is replacing. For example, if you are making tofu burgers, look for tofu that is relatively firm. In contrast, if you are using the tofu in a sauce or dressing, a soft tofu will work best. Be sure to experiment with a variety of different brands of tofu in order to find the style that works best for you.

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