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The Truth about Low Calorie Beer

Fitday Editor

Low calorie beer has been steadily gaining in moderate popularity over the last several years, and that is mainly because it advertises itself as a beer which doesn't cause you to gain as much weight as regular beer. Beer companies back up these claims by reducing the caloric content in the beer they sell as low calorie. To achieve this reduced caloric content, the beer sees its carbohydrate count significantly cut while also seeing its alcohol content reduced, but by a much smaller margin. While low calorie beer is marketed as a way that you can enjoy beer without gaining the accompanying weight, its critics contend that it sacrifices a whole lot of the taste of beer in the first place.

Techniques to Create Low Calorie Beer

Low calorie beer is made using quite a few differing techniques. It all really depends on the preference of the brewers. One easy way to go about making low calorie beer is simply to make it using ingredients that make it lighter as a whole. An example of ingredients would be grains like wheat and rice. Some brewers just use higher fermentation temperatures which tend to reduce the beer's alcohol content, which has a direct relationship to the calories in a beer. Still another technique to get a low calorie beer is the inclusion of enzymes which will break down elements in the beer called dextrins. These dextrins are stubborn because they remain intact through the brewing process and are not fermentable. This causes them to add meaningfully to the beer's overall calorie count. Hence, breaking them down lowers the beer's caloric content.

Criticism of Low Calorie Beer

Low calorie beer has attracted a fair number of critics who love to cite it for not having a very appealing flavor. If you refer back to the various ways in which low calorie beer is made in the first place, it is easy to understand why it loses some of its flavor. Sometimes, brewers just go ahead and water down their low calorie beer in order to dilute both the alcohol content as well as the caloric content. This leads to a beer that tastes watery, more subtle and less brassy than its non-low calorie counterpart. Some folks do sincerely like this taste for a beer, and those people drink it due to personal preference rather than supposed health benefits.

Types of Low Calorie Beer

In the marketplace today, there are literally dozens of beer makers who sell low calorie beer. Two of the biggest and most well known ones are offerings from Budweiser and Miller. Respectively, those would be Budweiser Select 55 (which has 55 calories per serving) and MGD 64 (which comes with 64 calories per serving). Most of the big beer makers such as Corona, Heineken, Guiness, Michelob, Pilsner, Samuel Adams and Yuengling also have low calorie beers for sale.

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