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The Nutrition of Egg Salad

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Summer season is here in full force. You know what that means? BBQ's galore! I love a good BBQ just as much as the next person, but I have to admit, the ooey gooey egg salad that somewhat resembles like it's been shellacked is not my cup of tea.

Egg salad gets a bad rap when loads of mayonnaise and other secret family recipes are thrown in the mix. But, egg salad in its pure, natural state (meaning hard boiled eggs, a little salt and pepper) is 100% a-okay.

Just in case you haven't heard the latest scoop, recent updates made to dietary guidelines suggest eating whole eggs, including yolk, are actually part of a healthy diet. Researchers have proven that the dietary cholesterol found in the egg yolk does not have the negative effect on blood cholesterol for the majority of the population as was once thought.

By eliminating the yolk, consumers were missing out on many wonderful vitamins and minerals that are naturally contained in the yellow center, like choline and vitamin D. As a Registered Dietitian, I was thrilled to hear the embrace of the whole egg once again!

So, how can you add that delicious egg salad back onto your BBQ menu without the extra added fat and calories from a traditional mayonnaise-based egg salad? Well, for starters, you can substitute the mayonnaise for healthier alternatives like non-fat Greek yogurt (which will also increase the protein of your salad) or a creamier, heart healthy fat substitute like avocadoes. Avocadoes are a great fat replacer in not only egg and potato salads, but also baked goods.

Using substitutions like these, you're sure to create a fresh, new family favorite recipe that will leave your guests satisfied and grateful they still look swimsuit ready when they hit the beach!


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Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RD, is a San Diego based dietitian. She is owner of Elizabeth Shaw Consulting Services, in which she offers individual, corporate and food service consulting services. She an adjunct professor in Nutrition at San Diego Mesa Community College and is the Dining Dietitian for the University of California San Diego. Read her blog, Simple-Swaps, and connect with her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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