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Substitutions for Half and Half

Fitday Editor
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Half and half is delicious, creamy, and unfortunately loaded with high amounts of fat and calories. With obesity becoming a growing epidemic around the world, it is important to find substitutions for some of the popular foods we enjoy eating that can contribute to this problem. This article discuses 3 great substitutions for half and half. You'll wish you had thought of them sooner.


Yogurt is probably the best substitute for half and half that you can find. Like half and half, it is a dairy product, and because of that has the same creaminess and smooth texture. However, unlike half and half, which is loaded with fat and calories, yogurt can actually be quite healthy. Yogurt contains high amounts of calcium, which keeps teeth and bones strong, and protein, which helps to maintain muscle mass. For the best results, you may want to consider choosing a yogurt that is made from milk that is low or nonfat. While yogurt is already a healthier choice than half and half, cutting out some extra calories will only improve its health status. For a taste that is most similar to that of half and half, choose plain, unsweetened yogurt.

Soy Milk

Soy milk makes another great substitution for half and half. Like yogurt, soy milk is low in fat and calories, while at the same time still providing the traditional creaminess associated with half and half. Soy milk is a great choice for people who are vegetarians, lactose intolerant, or simply choose not to drink milk because it is made from soybeans, and therefore contains no dairy. However, it is important to remember that while soy milk still contains high amounts of protein necessary to maintain muscle mass, the calcium found within soy milk is not as abundant as that found within regular dairy products--so this means that you may have to supplement your diet if you do use soy milk. While soy milk was once only found in specialty grocery stores, it can typically now be found in nearly every store.


Finally, honey can be used in place of half and half. Unlike yogurt and soy milk, honey obviously is not a dairy product, and therefore does not provide the familiar creamy taste associated with these foods. However, when added to coffee or tea, honey can still give a great sweetness and added flavor that will bring a smile to anyone. It is important to be aware when using honey as a substitute for half and half that while honey contains little added fat, it is relatively high in calories, and therefore should be used in moderation. For best results, choose honey that states it has been harvested--"man-made" honey is typically much higher in added sugar and calories, and can wreck havoc with your blood sugar levels. It should be avoided whenever possible.

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