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Substitutions for Butter

Fitday Editor

People typically use substitutions for butter because of the high fat and calorie content of ordinary butter. In an effort to be health conscious and wise when it comes to eating the right food, it's a good idea to be acquainted with these substitutes.

Butter is a dairy product that is made from the fat content in milk. It's comprised of 80% milkfat, 20% water, proteins and vitamin A. Butter also contains a high measure of calories which can cause weight gain, and saturated fat which can be harmful to your health. Here are a few butter substitutes:


Margarine is the most popular butter substitute there is. It contains fewer calories and saturated fat, but it also has unhealthy trans fat. It would be better to use meager amounts of margarine in your recipes. It helps to check the label of the margarine for its trans fat content. If there is also a high content of vegetable oil, it is best to readjust the measurements of oil in the ingredients and lessen it accordingly.

Fruit Puree

A healthier alternative for butter on toast is fruit puree. Several different varieties are available from the grocery, or you can make them fresh at home. Varieties include: apple, grape, mango, strawberry, pear, orange and many more. Purees are tasty and have less fat content than butter. This alternative offers different tastes for your selection. And as a plus, the fiber in these fruits are helpful in stomach digestion. They are also good forms of natural antioxidants.


Oils work well as butter substitutions for cooking. Vegetable, nut, olive, virgin coconut and flax-seed oils may contain fat as well, but they are healthier forms of fat which bring lots of benefits to the body. They contain omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that are good for the heart. The taste of virgin coconut and olive oil can make any recipe more delicious. Flax-seed oil may be bland, but its healthful attributes, along with several spices, can more than compensate for that.

Applesauce, Hummus and Garlic

Other butter substitutes may be applesauce, hummus and even garlic. Applesauce works as well as butter when used in baking, and it can add a sweet flavor to the food. Hummus is a Mediterranean alternative spread which is delicious with bread. Garlic can be roasted and used to replace butter when eating toast. It makes the bread tastier, and its natural oil contains antioxidants and large amounts of vitamin C and phosphorus.

All of these substitutions for butter are healthful choices. But of course, moderation and discipline is always the key to good dieting. Daily consumption of butter is not very good for your body, but taking in too much of these alternatives will be no better. To reap all of the benefits from these alternatives, they should be consumed in the right quantities.

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