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Reasons to Choose Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream

Fitday Editor

There are quite a few reasons why you should choose frozen yogurt over ice cream. One of the main reasons that people opt for frozen yogurt instead of traditional ice cream is the emphasis on health that comes from the use of milk instead of cream. While frozen yogurt can taste more tart than ice cream, it is lower in fat than ice cream because of the substitution of pure milk in the place of heavy cream. This emphasis on a treat that is a little bit more healthy is why frozen yogurt is more than a craze. As recently as the 1990s, it made up 10 percent of the whole dessert market.

It's Healthier

Because of the specific use of milk as opposed to the cream in ice cream, frozen yogurt is better for your body. It is seen as a low-fat alternative or even a fat-free alternative. The composition of frozen yogurt is mostly made up of milk (solids and fats), yogurt culture, flavoring, coloring, gelatin and sweetener. Whereas ice cream contains a lot of sugar and salt to add taste to the final product, frozen yogurt allows for the substitution of ingredients like honey or agave nectar in place of sugar. While frozen yogurt is still not as healthy as normal yogurt, other benefits that it includes are more minerals and nutrients than regular, traditional ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt in an Ice Cream Maker

Because of the explosive popularity and incremental fan base that frozen yogurt has been enjoying since the 1980s and 1990s, manufacturers are now adding the feature to create frozen yogurt in many of their ice cream makers. So you can opt instead to make healthier frozen yogurt even if you buy an ice cream maker. Frozen yogurt makers come in a small variety of styles. These primarily differ between easier, automatic ones, which only require the push of a button to make frozen yogurt, to ones that require the mechanical energy generated by an old-fashioned hand crank. The price between the two types differs greatly also. You may want to consider budget constraints, if you have any, in your decision regarding which kind of frozen yogurt ice cream maker to purchase.

Lots of Options

A good-sized part of the fun of eating frozen yogurt is how many ways you can customize your helping of frozen yogurt. Like ice cream, you have a wide array of different toppings from which you can choose to include on your frozen yogurt. Some examples are many kinds of nuts, hot toppings like caramel or hot fudge, candy toppings like sprinkles or crushed candy bars, fruit toppings like strawberries, and even more creative toppings like brownie bits. In addition, there are also different ways you can eat your frozen yogurt. Again, like ice cream, you can enjoy it in a cone just as much as you can enjoy it in a cup.

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