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Madhava Agave Nectar: Calories & Nutritional Info

Fitday Editor
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Madhava Agave Nectar has become a popular sugar and honey substitute. The naturally sweet nectar substance derived from a Mexican plant continues to grow in popularity, which suggests that the alternative sweetener provides positive health benefits.

Nutritional Content

Madhava Agave Nectar and all agave nectar varieties contain both fructose and glucose. Some varieties contain a much higher fructose count, while others are closer in fructose and glucose percentages. The nectar acts as a sugar substitute in many vegan recipes and other traditional cooked dishes as a honey or sugar substitute.

The agave nectar sold by Madhava has a low glycemic index rating, meaning that the sugary substance does not cause a violent spike in insulin. This allows the body to better metabolize other food sources, regulate appetite and remain less hungry for longer periods of time.

The following list shows the basic composition of one serving size of Madhava Agave Nectar, or about 1 full tablespoon:

  • 60 calories total
  • No fat or protein
  • 16 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram as a fibrous source, 15 grams as sugar

Agave nectar varieties include dark and lighter syrupy mixes. The lighter varieties offer a less intense taste, and are commonly used in drink mixes or to lightly enhance the flavor of food items. The dark or amber variety of Madhava Agave Nectar provides customers with a much more intense flavor additive. The alternative sweetener still maintains a natural organic recipe, but includes more full flavor due to a lighter filtration process, which leaves the natural taste of the plant inside of the syrupy mixture.

More Nutritional Information

Madhava claims that their agave nectar provides a sweeter option than table sugar and honey. This ultimately plays out as an advantage to many consumers, allowing them to spend less money by using less of the product. Most people use agave nectar to sweeten hot and cold cereals, increase the flavor of salad dressings, replace sugar or honey in baked dishes, as a dessert topping and other options.

Since the agave nectar remains pure and organic, the Madhava product fits the lifestyles of many vegans and natural food eating consumers. The additive-free product helps reduce the risk of some diseases by not including possible free radicals which damage enzymes within the body.

Madhava Agave Nectar, like most other sugars and sweetener alternatives, contains absolutely no nutritional content other than sugar and a small amount of fiber. It does not provide a source for any of the numerous vitamins or minerals found in other food sources.

Utilizing Agave Nectar

Many individuals continue to choose the Madhava product and other agave nectars as their main source of sugar, rather than using traditional sweeteners purchased in stores. The product does provide a lower glycemic rating than other sugar varieties, making it a popular choice when trying to lose weight or maintain a certain caloric intake range.

The diet and weight loss journal provided by FitDay will help further track the progress of health benefits provided by Madhava Agave Nectar. Individuals have the ability to compare results with other sweeteners like honey and traditional sugar.

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