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Load Up On Carbs: Why a Spaghetti Dinner before the Big Game is Important

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A spaghetti dinner before the big game is important because it is an effective source of carbs. Loading up on carbs is important since they are a person's main source of energy. Carbs offer people glucose (sugar), which can be thought of as an ideal fuel for the body to work efficiently. Additionally, carbs provide minerals and vitamins and are the only type of energy that your brain utilizes. During a sports game, you are expected to perform for hours at a strenuous physical activity. Carbs are the perfect energy providerl, especially for longer endurance-type events. Because your energy needs are greater going into a big game, you need a spaghetti dinner to get all the carbs from the pasta noodles.


A spaghetti dinner is a great source of carbs, and is perfect for your energy needs before the big game. When you eat foods like spaghetti that are heavy in carbs, they turn into glycogen once they're in your body. Glycogen is a molecule that behaves as the secondary and long-term form of energy storage in your body's cells. How much glycogen you have in your body has a direct relationship on how effective your stamina and endurance are. You can tell when your cells have run out of glycogen: You usually begin to feel fatigued. When you're tired, your performance will be sub-par, which is not something you want during your big game.

Prevents Protein Use

The carbs in your spaghetti dinner are essential before the big game for another reason. Ensuring that you eat adequate amounts of carbs before any physical activity will make sure that your body does not use protein as the source of energy during the game. Without carbs in your system, your body will break down the available protein in your body. If your body depends on protein for energy instead of carbs, you run the risk of restricting the body's ability to maintain and build tissue. The main role of protein in your body should be limited to building skin, muscle, hair, bone and other tissues. Another harmful effect of over-reliance on protein instead of carbs is an exertion of your kidneys, which have to work harder.

Fuel for the Game

When your body converts the carbs from the spaghetti into glycogen, it receives fuel to power you through your physical activity. How long this fuel supply lasts depends in part on how long and how strenuous the physical activity will be. Usually, the fuel supplied by carbs can last anywhere from 30 minutes to as long as 90 minutes. To ensure that you don't run out of this fuel during your game, be certain to refill it by taking in more carbs during breaks.

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