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Liquid Nutrition: 4 High Calorie Drinks You Should Avoid

Fitday Editor
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When you are watching what you eat, it is also important to watch your liquid nutrition. You might not think of beverages as something that could be that bad for you, but high calorie drinks can ruin your diet by sneaking in more calories than your entree. You probably already know that you should stay away from heavy drinks like milkshakes, but high calorie drinks take many forms and the calories in some are not very apparent. Here are four high calorie drinks that you should stay away from:

Blended Coffee Drinks

One high calorie drink to avoid is the blended coffee drink. You might be thinking that blended coffee drinks are just like iced coffee drinks, but this is often not the case. Many blended coffee drinks use a pre-made base or cream, which can turn your low-fat latte into a high calorie desert. Blended coffee drinks can contain anywhere from 500 to 650 calories and 20 to 25 grams of fat. Before, you order a blended coffee drink, make sure you know how it is being blended and avoid it if you hear the words "cream" or "pre-made base."

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are another tricky beverage that can be deceptively high in calories. Many "fruit smoothies" are made with regular, full-fat ice cream, so you are essentially drinking a fruity milkshake. Additionally, fruit smoothies can also be made with high calorie, sugary syrup instead of real fruit. A high calorie fruit smoothie can set you back approximately 450 calories and 24 grams of fat. Try a fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, fat-free yogurt and juice instead.


A night out at the bar can be as bad for your diet as a buffet line. Some of the worst cocktails include white russians, pina coladas and margaritas. These cocktails are made with cream or coconut milk and lots of sugar. Just one pina colada contains over 700 calories, and it is easy to sip down thousands of calories with these high calorie beverages. If you are going to go to happy hour, try a light beer or a vodka and carbonated water.


Aside from containing chemicals and no nutritional value, soda can also be very high in calories. A traditional serving size of soda is approximately twelve ounces and 150 calories, but such a small can is hard to find. Most soda comes in bottles that are at least 24 ounces. Even worse, many convenience stores offer their fountain sodas that are eight times as large as the recommended serving for the same price as a twelve ounce can. If you are taking advantage of this seemingly good deal, more is not better when it comes to soda.

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