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Include These Six Foods High in Fiber to Your Diet

Fitday Editor

There are many benefits when you include foods high in fiber to your diet. Adding fiber rich foods to your diet each day will improve your body in ways you can feel immediately, and will also assist in increasing your longevity. It's not hard to add extra fiber each day when there are so many easy and tasty foods to choose from. You can start with these healthy choices to ensure you're getting the recommended daily amount for women (25 to 35 grams per day for the average woman).

1. Whole Grains

When you have the option of white or whole grain breads, choose whole grain for more fiber. For breakfast you can make good fiber choices with oatmeal or high fiber cereals. There are many healthy and great tasting cereals on the shelves. Introducing these types of cereals to your children at a young age will also allow them to develop a palate for healthy choices as well.

2. Legumes

Adding beans to your diet on a regular basis is another great way to add extra fiber. Some beans are higher in fiber content than others. For instance, black beans and split peas have much higher fiber content than green beans or green peas. Incorporating beans into your weekly menu is easy with soups and wrap sandwiches that are simple to make. You can find many low fat recipes online.

3. Berries

You won't have any problem getting enough, or even extra, fiber in your diet if you love berries. Blackberries are an excellent choice and are great to munch on plain. So are raspberries. Since berries are typically a seasonal food for most areas, you can freeze them for delicious smoothies at any time of the year. When you include the right foods, smoothies are great for meal replacements or meals on the go.

4. Apples

The saying is that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it may also help keep your digestive system in order and work to prevent certain types of cancers. Apples are a healthy and yummy way to meet your daily fiber requirements. Keeping an apple in your car or carrying one in your gym bag is a resourceful and quick snack idea. Giving your kids a sliced apple with some peanut butter for dipping will provide them fiber and protein for energy, too.

5. Avocados

Avocados were once considered an off limit food because of the fat content. However, what is now known is that avocados are a source of the healthy type of fat. They also taste good and are a high fiber food. You can eat avocados plain or make guacamole for dipping.

6. Baked Potatoes

You may have been told that baked potatoes are off limits, but they really are a good fiber choice. Just use good judgment when topping your potato and avoid all of the fatty, high calorie options.

Even adding few foods high in fiber to your diet can make a great difference. Be careful not to add too much at a time, because this can cause digestive discomfort.

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