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How to Make Your Low Calorie Lunch Satisfying

Fitday Editor
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A low calorie lunch should ideally have 400 to 500 calories if you wish to lose weight gradually. Although there are various weight loss programs that can help you lose weight rapidly, such programs require the elimination of certain foods. This might not necessarily be healthy or sustainable for a long period of time. The weight lost in such a program can reappear once the program is discontinued. However, if you adhere to 400 calorie lunches that consist of monounsaturated fatty acids, you will find that you do not suffer from hunger pangs or drops in energy levels throughout the day.

Low Calorie Lunch

Lunch is an important meal as it can provide you with energy to face the rest of the day. Lunch should ideally be had five hours after the consumption of breakfast and, if you plan to have your lunch at work, you should ensure that you aren't tempted by the food that's in your office vending machine.

It's easy to pack healthy, nutritious and tasty food and avoid the cafeteria or the vending machine altogether. Your lunch can be made from a wide variety of delicious foods that are rich in proteins so that it keeps you satiated. The meal should also contain good carbohydrates to help you remain full of energy for the rest of the day, and a source of calcium such as a slice of cheese or a cup of milk.

Low Calorie Lunch Ideas

  • A cup of soup, a bowl of carrots and a glass of milk or juice can provide you with the requisite proteins, carbohydrates and calcium.
  • A cup of salad that consists of tomato slices, lettuce and a hardboiled egg, along with a cup of cottage cheese and juice can provide variety.
  • Sandwiches that contain chicken breast or turkey and low fat cheese can be filling when coupled with a bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of milk.

The Importance of Limiting Calories

A good diet plan should ensure that your daily intake is limited to 1,400 calories. Breakfast can be limited to 200 calories, lunch to 500 calories and dinner to 500 calories as well. Between meals, snacks can provide the remaining 200 calories and stave off any hunger pangs. A vast number of foods can be combined to ensure that your lunch is a meal that's delicious and low in calories. It's important to drink a lot of water to ensure that you have enough energy to work and exercise.

The best way to lose weight is to ensure that your intake of calories is limited. However, this doesn't mean that you should suffer boredom or feel enervated. A low calorie lunch can and should contain all the essential nutrients that are needed by the body and should also be tasty and satisfying. Such a meal should consist of food that's high in proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The consumption of low calorie foods can help you feel satiated and lose weight at the same time.

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