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How Much Dietary Fiber Should You Eat?

Fitday Editor

Getting enough fiber in your diet is an easy way to drop that extra weight and maintain a healthy weight. But knowing how much fiber to eat can be confusing. Below are some dietary fiber recommendations and some tips on how to increase fiber in your diet.

How Much Fiber Should I Eat Each Day?

Depending on your gender and age, you should try to consume 20-38 g of fiber per day. Men ages 50 and younger should try to eat 38 g of fiber per day, and men 51 years and older should shoot for 30 g per day. Women ages 50 and younger should aim for 25 g per day and women 51 years and older should consume 21 g of fiber per day. Most Americans are currently eating half of the recommended amounts of fiber each day.

Read your food labels to find out how much fiber (in grams) is in each serving of your favorite foods. Fiber content is usually near the middle or bottom of the food label.

You can also visit to sign up for a free online diet journal, which will help you track the foods you eat and view the nutrition content of your current diet. The journal also helps you set and track food, exercise and weight goals.

How Can I Add Fiber to My Diet?

Fiber is found in most fruits and vegetables; try to eat five servings (or more) per day. Peas, beans and lentils are also high in fiber; so are whole wheat, oat, barley, wheat bran, and whole grain products (i.e. whole grain breads and cereals). Nuts and seeds are also high in fiber.

High fiber foods tend to be healthy and keep you feeling fuller longer. Try to eat the recommended amounts of fiber per day to keep healthy, reduce disease risk, stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

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