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How Chewing Gum Prevents Overeating

Fitday Editor
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While it may not seem like it, chewing gum can actually help to prevent overeating. That's because there's a good chance that if you overeat often, you do so out of boredom. It's the same reason that chewing gum helps some people to quit smoking. Some smoke simply because they need to take a few minutes to occupy their time and their mind. Rather than smoke, though, they begin turning to gum to serve the same purpose. You can do the same thing to stop yourself from overeating.

Chewing Gum to Prevent Overeating

Gum is typically low in calories. The average stick of gum contains about seven to ten calories. You also burn around 11 calories per hour simply by chewing gum. If you overeat often, you probably do so because you're bored, stressed out or nervous. The next time that you run into this situation, though, try chewing on a stick of gum to prevent yourself from eating something that you shouldn't. Outside of just giving you something to chew on, gum physically stops you from eating because you can't eat anything when gum is in your mouth. Chewing gum also produces saliva and makes you less likely to drink anything, too.

Using Sugarless Chewing Gum

Gum can be used effectively to help you stop overeating. However, if you're going to use this method often, there's a good chance that you may be doing serious damage to your teeth if you're using gum that contains sugar. In order to prevent tooth decay from the sugar, stick with a sugarless gum. Not only will it contain lower calories than gum that has sugar in it, but it will also not be nearly as damaging to your teeth.

Avoid "Weight Loss Management" Gum

Regularly chewing gum can be used to curb overeating, but be wary of any gum that you find that promise to help you physically curb your appetite. The best way to avoid overeating is to maintain self-discipline. Do not expect gum to do the work for you.

If you struggle with overeating, a stick of chewing gum can do wonders for you. From now on, make it a habit to carry around a pack of gum. Take a piece of it out anytime that you feel as though you may eat for no reason. Of course, don't substitute gum for your three daily meals, but use it to help you get into the habit of eating properly. Using gum can be a great way to prevent overeating and get yourself back on the right track when it comes to maintaining a proper diet.

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