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Healthy Lunch Ideas: Beet Salad

Fitday Editor
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A beet salad is a healthy lunch idea, because beets by nature are very low in all those vexing factors that contribute to weight gain. Those would be factors like fat, carbohydrates and calories. When you have a beet salad, you're usually ingesting the roots of the beet cold, after you have cooked them with oil and vinegar. Beet salad is not only a healthy idea for your lunch, but due to how it is served, it is also a refreshing dish that can cool you down. It makes a perfect dish to serve for a light lunch during the summer.

Low Number of Calories

A beet salad is generally low in calories, but this also all depends on the kinds of ingredients you include. If you go over the top and add dressing that is too rich, you will undo the health benefits of this salad. Some kinds of beet salad only go for the minimum in terms of sauce or dressing, usually permitting only a sprinkling or drizzling with lemon juice, which clearly does not add anything significant in the way of carbohydrates, fat or calories. If you take your beet salad with only lemon juice, then you will only garner 49 calories in total. The benefit of such a low intake of calories is that you will not have to work hard to burn them off again to balance your weight, or to keep your weight down.

High in Vitamin C

A beet salad is also high in the all-important vitamin C, which is a proven fighter against the common cold. Getting enough amounts of vitamin C also protecting you from scurvy. Though it's extremely rare in modern times, scurvy is a disease that manifests itself by signs of depression, immobilization, spots breaking out on the skin, bleeding from your mucous membranes and even gums that are spongy. Some studies have also demonstrated a correlating link between higher levels of vitamin C in people and a decreased danger of developing heart disease or cardiovascular disease.

Low in Carbohydrates

While carbohydrates may have their use for people like athletes who need to train hard and therefore need a lot of energy, carbohydrates are a nightmare for people who are trying to lose weight. In a typical beet salad, your carbohydrate intake will barely go over 10 grams, and if you subtract the dietary fiber from the total carbohydrate count in a typical beet salad, you get even less than 10 grams of carbs. This fact is very helpful if you're dieting, because the carb count in a beet salad won't mess with your dietary limitations.

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