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Healthy Cereals: All Bran vs. Multi-Bran

Fitday Editor
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Cereals are a staple breakfast food in many American homes, and most commonly, they are sold to the public with processed grains. Certain types of cereal like oatmeal (called warm cereals) are eaten hot. Cereals of this type are usually prepared from grains that are first boiled or soaked in order to make them more palatable and soft.

Manufacturers of cereals often promote their products by touting their apparent health benefits, which are derived mainly from the fiber content as well as the inclusion of certain types of grains, such as oats, in their mixture. The decision over whether to buy all bran cereal or simply multi-bran cereal is one which involves taking a few, different factors into consideration.

Benefits of All Bran Cereal

Bran is just the outer layer of any grain's kernel; this is where much of the nutrients and fiber that you get from cereals reside. Because of its concentration of bran, all bran cereal is great at providing you with something called insoluble fiber. This is the fiber you want, for example, if you seek to guard yourself against constipation. How it works is that your all bran cereal helps your body create bulk, which stimulates your digestive system and is conducive to producing good bowel movements.

Another benefit of all bran cereal is that it provides a degree of protection against colon cancer. By promoting good bowel movements, all bran cereal ensures that your colon remains free of stagnating waste that may become carcinogenic and, thus, contribute to colon cancer.

Benefits of Multi-Bran Cereal

While multi-bran cereal also provides you a certain helping of bran and all its aforementioned benefits, it is more expansive than simply all bran cereal. For example, multi-bran cereal also features several vitamins and minerals apart from bran. Some of these elements include vitamins ranging from A to D, the mineral zinc, and the element iron. Multi-bran cereal, unlike all bran cereal, is a rich source of protein, which is essential for benefits like the strengthening of your muscle tissue and the reduction of your chances for developing heart-related problems.

If you are leery of eating too much read meat because of the numerous studies that link it with the onset of certain forms of cancer, yet still want to ingest the same amount of protein that it provides, then you can easily eat more multi-bran cereals as you decrease your consumption of read meat.


The choice of which cereal to buy is one which comes down largely to priorities and preferences. There is no doubt that both all bran cereal and multi-bran cereal provide you with many health benefits. It is only a matter of determining for yourself which of the said benefits is more important to you.

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