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Eating Too Much Fruit: Is This Ever a Problem?

Fitday Editor
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Eating too much fruit can very well become a problem for you, yet it is hard to believe at first because many people believe fruits are always healthy. The fact remains that anything done to excess, even eating healthy foods like fruit, can lead to undesirable consequences. Make no mistake about it, though: Fruits are still infinitely preferable to refined foods like junk foods such as chips and cookies.

Higher in Sugar

One of the reasons that taking in too much fruit is actually a potential problem is due to the sugar content in fruits grown today. Through a process called hybridization, growers today are able to produce fruits that are higher in sugar quantities than their counterparts in the wild. In fact, if you compare the taste of a piece of fruit such as a wild berry that you just picked outdoors to a berry that is grown by a farmer, you will note the difference in sugar and sweetness very easily.

Leads to Weight Gain

Weight gain is another problem of eating too much fruit, something that may also seem surprising to many people who have always believed fruit to be nothing but beneficial. One of the surreptitious reasons is because of the fructose in fruit, which can deprive you of feeling full. So it follows then that you are susceptible to continue eating fruit in large quantities, because you don't feel full even after having a good amount. Researchers attribute this phenomena to the failure of fructose to provoke the insulin response in your brain; this release of insulin usually tells the brain you are full.

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