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Do Natural Appetite Suppressants Exist?

Fitday Editor
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Natural appetite suppressants are not a myth. They do exist, and they do work. Natural appetite suppressants are becoming more sought after because people are beginning to realize that some diets are hard to adhere to. This is where natural appetite suppressants come in: They make it more likely that you will be able to keep to the terms of a diet. People are prone to failing on their diet plans because they still have that underlying craving for food. Suppressants are able to help you control those cravings so you don't overeat. Natural appetite suppressants can be a wise choice because they do not contain any harmful ingredients.

An Example of a Natural Appetite Suppressant

An example of a natural appetite suppressant is soluble fiber. More specifically, the foods and drinks that contain soluble fiber, like prunes and prune juice. Soluble fiber works wonders for people who have a hard time controlling their appetites. Soluble fiber is distinct from insoluble fiber because it just sits in your stomach. It sits in your stomach because it dissolves when it makes contact with water in your stomach where it forms a gel-like material. This gel-like material sits in your stomach, unlike insoluble fiber that promotes bowel movements and moves through your stomach faster. Since insoluble fiber stays in your stomach for a longer period of time, the result is that you also feel fuller for a longer period of time. In due time, the gel-like material will be expelled in stool, too. Consequently, soluble fiber is a kind of natural appetite suppressant. It is found in plenty of foods and drinks, primary among them prune juice, which also contains insoluble fiber. Other foods containing soluble fiber include oats, barley, apples and citrus fruits.

Avoiding Hunger While Not Adding Calories

Many dieters fail because they have a hard time dealing with the feelings of hunger as they are losing weight. This is a feeling that is common in many diets, yet people often misconstrue these signals as signs that they really need to ingest food. Hunger pangs are simply a natural response to your body no longer having enough calories to add more fat to its already existing fat stores. The key to successfully dieting is using natural appetite suppressants at this juncture of your diet. If you cannot rely on self-control to stop eating, you have to deal with your feelings of hunger. Natural foods like water, natural pickles and fresh cabbage will signal your brain that you are full, while adding very few calories.

Suppressants in Supplement Form

Natural appetite suppressants do not have to be restricted solely to foods. Supplements can also be natural appetite suppressants. Herbal appetite suppressants are available in easy, over-the-counter tablets, which do not require a prescription. These types of suppressants are not only typically reasonably priced, but they also feature very few side effects, making them quite safe. But as with any supplement, you should always check with your doctor before taking any of them.

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