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Craving Dessert? 5 Healthy Alternatives to Candy

Fitday Editor
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The occasional candy craving does not have to completely derail your weight loss efforts. Check out the following five alternatives to candy that you can consume while following any diet plan. These options will keep your cravings at bay and your healthy weight loss goals in check.

1. Fruits

Grab a delicious serving of fruit. Watermelon, cantaloupe and oranges will really satisfy your sweet tooth, and they'll leave you with a full belly and a clear conscience. They're good for your health, low in fat, and a perfect place to start when you want to make healthier choices for your body and overall wellness. Try and experiment with fruits that aren't a normal part of your diet. Even fruits that are higher in sugar and fat are better for you than most kinds of candy.

2. Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-free gum is a healthy alternative as well. You can take it on the go as easily as you can a candy bar. Treat your taste buds to a wide range of flavors, while consuming minimal calories. Sugar-free gum comes in all sorts of flavors, from mint to sweet and fruity flavors. Although you won't get much nutrition from gum, you won't be getting many calories either. Look for gum sweetened with more natural sweeteners for the most healthy choices.

3. Pretzels

Pretzels in and of themselves aren't sweet. However, there are carob-covered pretzels and other flavored pretzels that offer much more nutritional advantages and far less fat than candy. They can be munched on and carefully measured. They are even sold in individual serving sizes for ease in dieting. They're great to bring along when you go see a movie or on any other outing. Instead of being tempted by the high-calorie and expensive snacks at a concession stand, bring out a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water. You'll be able to munch throughout the movie (or the game, or the party) on a snack that's every bit as delicious as candy.

4. Juice-Flavored Snowcones

Snowcones are shaved ice that's then flavored and sweetened. Although they're traditionally sweetened with sugary syrups, there are even better alternatives. Instead, try flavoring them with the real thing. Instead of orange syrup, sweeten them with orange juice. You only need to use a bit of juice, then you have a healthy snack that is mostly water and partly vitamin-filled, healthy juice. It will leave you full and satisfied, and it will leave your sweet tooth happy as well.

5. Granola Mix

A granola mix, filled with dried fruits like raisins and other healthy treats of your choice can really fill the snack craving and the sweet tooth for any dieter. As long as it's measured out carefully, this snack is ideal for any dieter. Dried fruits by themselves can also be a great alternative to candy. Packs of raisins are portable and great to eat on the run, but you'll want to choose organic when it comes to raisins in order to make the most healthy choice.

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