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A List of Foods That You and Your Partner Should Eat Before Sealing the Deal

Even if you're not having marathon-length sessions in the sack, you probably already know that eating a huge meal beforehand makes you feel less than sexy. And if you want to incorporate food into your foreplay, you probably already know that chocolate sauce and whipped cream aren't the healthiest choices. So what's a couple to do when they want to get in the mood and try something tasty? Check out these healthy options that will help you steam up your bedroom:

Before you head to bed:

Some foods and drinks can actually kill your libido—including alcohol, despite its reputation for lowering your inhibitions.

If your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction on occasion, the omega-3's found in oily fish like sardines and tuna can help.

It may not sound sexy, because it can get stuck in your teeth, but a spinach salad before you get it on can help prevent muscle cramps that kill the mood, thanks to having high iron content.

Before you beat it, beet it. Beets have nutrients that help support the liver, which is where sex hormones form, as well as help support circulation to your reproductive organs.

Bananas are more than just a suggestive shape. They also help with testosterone production and contain a compound that can help put you in the mood.

Berries aren't just for in the bedroom, they can also be important pregame because they help support your overall reproductive health.

Cinnamon is an arousing scent and, according to Chinese medicine, also helps boost energy.

Avocados have tons of vital nutrients which do everything from boost energy, increase both sex hormones and improve overall sexual function.

Apples may help keep the doctor away because they have been found to contain an essential nutrient for prostate health and the prevention of prostate cancer.

In the bedroom:

Instead of lube, try organic coconut oil or olive oil, which are tastier and won't result in an infection or burning sensation—just don't use oils with condoms because they breakdown the latex. If you're a culinary wizard you can even create your own flavored lube with safe oils as a base.

For something sweet, go with strawberries and other berries. You can also try to exotic fruits like mangoes and kiwis.

On the naughty side, get a reaction by guiding a sugar-free mint around erogenous zones.

Ice cubes and fruity popsicles are fun and frozen treats that won't wreak havoc on your diet, unlike other frozen treats like ice cream.

For a positive sexual experience using food for foreplay, just remember to keep the food away from any openings. Vaginas don't respond well to many foods, including sugary treats, and an otherwise memorable occasion can be squashed with a yeast infection or embarrassing trip to the E.R. Instead, keep food above the belt to keep things fun and stick to sex toys that are meant to go there instead of similarly shaped fruits and veggies.

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