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8 Fun Ways to Add Flavor to Bland Vegetables

Fitday Editor

Vegetables may be healthy, but they don't have to be bland. Add flavor to your vegetables, and you may find yourself eating them more often because you truly enjoy the taste.

Here are eight fun ways to add flavor to bland vegetables.

1. Broccoli

If you steam broccoli, you benefit from its cholesterol-lowering benefits. Add olive oil, lemon and a dash of salt and pepper to spice up your steamed broccoli. When you eat broccoli raw, it helps to detoxify your digestive tract. For a low calorie dip with your raw broccoli, blend low fat yogurt, chives, paprika and fresh garlic.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is a great source of potassium and adds healthy bacteria to your digestive system. Boil asparagus or cook it in the oven. Sprinkle on olive oil, lemon and garlic powder to spice up this nutritious vegetable.

3. Bell Peppers

Green, orange, red and yellow bell peppers make for a colorful and delicious vegetable dish. This vegetable is packed with vitamins A and C and is full of antioxidants. Add bell peppers to salads. Sauté them or grill them. Eat them raw with a healthy vegetable dip made of low-fat yogurt or vinaigrette.

4. Carrots

Carrots are full of vitamins A, K and C and are a good source of dietary fiber. You can cut them up and eat them raw with a yogurt dip. Add cilantro and garlic to low-fat yogurt. Add carrots to stews. Cut them into salads and pour on your favorite salad dressing. Juice carrots and add them to a shake made with milk (or your favorite milk substitute) and other fruits such as bananas.

5. Leeks

Leeks are great for your heart and reduce inflammation. Cook them into omelets. Use them in stews. Make a separate vegetable dish with leeks, sprinkling on thyme, olive oil and turmeric.

6. Lima Beans

Lima beans help to control blood sugar levels and also aid in lowering cholesterol. Some cultures cook lima beans into rice. Blend lima beans and add garlic, olive oil and your choice of fresh herbs. Add lima beans to soups.

7. Beets

Beets help to reduce inflammation, reduce stress on the body and act as a detoxifier for the liver. Boil beets. Add onions, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, black pepper and parsley. You can also grate beets into soups and salads. Beets make a healthy addition to a vegetable juice made with carrots and apples.

8. Onions

Onions are good for your heart. They also support bone health and reduce inflammation. Sauté onions with red meat or chicken. Add them to salads. Cook onions separately with olive oil and lemon and your favorite spice.

Be sure to buy vegetables fresh and eat them as soon as possible. Fresh vegetables taste better. Also, be careful not to overcook your vegetables, both for flavor reasons and because you do not want to lose important nutrition. Experiment with different seasonings and combine your favorite vegetables in stews, salads and vegetable juices.

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