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7 Ways to Effectively Stop Your Sugar Addiction

Fitday Editor

Sugar addiction plagues many people. There are many reasons why you may be reaching for sugar. The sweet taste may put you in a good mood. Your body may crave it and you are not sure why. Or, it may just be a habit to eat a sugary snack after each meal. Here are seven ways to effectively stop your sugar addiction:

1. Eat Fruits

If you are drawn to sugar because of its sweet taste, try to replace sugary sodas and snacks with fresh fruit. You may find that oranges, peaches, figs and other fruits satisfy your sugar craving. These fruits are rich in vitamins and are a healthier option than sugary snacks.

2. Eat Sweet Vegetables

You may not think of vegetables as a replacement for sweets, but you do have a few options. Sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots can satisfy your sugar craving. Raw carrots are known to create a rise in blood sugar that occurs faster and lasts longer than eating sugar.

3. Eat Fewer Animal Products

Part of the reason that you may be addicted to sugar is because your body is not metabolizing protein properly. Analyze your diet closely to make sure that you are not eating too much red meat or dairy products. Replace these foods with more fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat Sour or Spicy Foods

When you have a sugar craving, try eating something sour or spicy to see if the craving will go away. Sometimes eating a pickle or drinking water with lemon will reduce a sugar craving.

5. Chew Your Food

Sometimes the cure for sugar addiction is just chewing foods longer. The longer you chew complex carbs, the sweeter they taste. Chewing should reduce your sugar addiction and improve your digestion.

6. Exercise More

The connection between exercise and sugar addiction is that you sometimes crave sugar when your body is in an acidic condition. Eating too many animal products and refined foods can create such a condition. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine to get your body into a more alkaline state. Replace sugary drinks with water after your work out.

7. Eat at Home

Many foods have hidden sugars. Cereals, bottled drinks, salad dressings, sauces and breads are just some of the foods that may contain sugar. When you eat out a lot, you have very little control over your sugar consumption. Cooking and eating at home as much as possible will allow you to make your meals as sugar-free as possible.

To eliminate your sugar addiction, you will want to eat less and less sugar over time. Going cold turkey on sugar rarely works. It is best to integrate just one or two of the above recommendations at a time into your routine and see how you feel. You may find that a combination of several of the items works well for you. For example, just daily exercise, drinking water with lemon and eating more fruit may be enough to stop your sugar addiction over time.

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