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6 Healthy Ways to Make Your Cereal More Interesting

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While it is important to eat cereals that are nutritious, some brands can be a little boring. By putting some different toppings on the cereal, you can improve the taste and add some more nutrients as well. Decrease the portion of the cereal when you add a topping, so you can maintain the same caloric intake.

1. Bananas

Bananas will improve the taste of almost any cereal. You can cut the bananas into small pieces, or just slice one in half and eat it along with the cereal. If you eat more than one bowl of cereal at a time, add half a banana to each portion. Try not to let the cereal sit too long before you eat it, or the bananas will become soggy.

2. Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are a common topping to try when you eat cereal. Make sure to rinse the strawberries in water, especially if you picked them yourself at a local strawberry patch. Remember to also cut the tops off the strawberries before adding them to your cereal. If the strawberries are large, cut them in half or dice them, so each bite of cereal that you eat includes a piece of strawberry.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries will add some flavor to your cereal, and give you another health serving of fruit. You may want to stir the cereal when you add blueberries, so you can have some with each bite. If the cereal brand does not taste good with blueberries as a topping, you can always eat the cereal first, and then treat yourself to a bowl of blueberries on the side.

4. Raspberries

Many cereals will taste better with a topping of raspberries. If the berries you intend to use are in a plastic container from the grocery store, wash them to remove any surface material. Consider cutting the raspberries in half, which will make them easier to eat. You can also try mixing raspberries with other cereal toppings, to see if you can find a combination you like.

5. Nuts

Adding nuts such as almonds is a healthy way to improve the taste of your cereal. Do not buy nuts that have salt, since that may make the brand of cereal you eat taste bad. You may want to chop up the nuts before you add them to your cereal. Make sure that you chew each bite thoroughly, or you may have trouble swallowing. Experiment with different kinds of nuts, until you find some that make your cereal taste better.

6. Raisins

While some cereals may already include raisins, they often will not taste as good as raisins you add from a separate box. You can either pick the raisins out from the cereal box and discard them, or simply add an additional portion from the box of raisins. Remember to allow for the increase in calories if you do not remove the existing raisins from the cereal box.

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